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Default The day-to-day details of milk donation?

"DeliciousTruffles" wrote in
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I have contacted the Vancouver Milk Bank and they are interested in me
becoming a milk donor. I will become one if I pass the health
requirement (I don't see why not) and figure out the physical logistics
of getting my milk to them (I'm 3 hours from Vancouver).

I guess I would like to know more about the logistics of extra pumping.
When did you pump? How often did you pump? Did you pump while nursing?
Did you keep any for your baby as a freezer stash? How did you handle
growth spurts? Things like that.

Any information would be appreciated. :-)


I donated 639 ozs, to The Mother's Milk Bank in San Jose, CA. I live in
Phx, AZ. They sent me a cooler after I had enough to donate (IIRC, 150 ozs.
per donation) & I shipped it to them FedEx at their expense. Each bag had
to be frozen and labelled with the date and my name or donor #.

I pumped in the AM while nursing DD while on maternity leave (I went back to
work when DD was 15 weeks) and continued in the AM and twice during my
normal work day. I was not planning to donate but when I started running
out of freezer space, I knew I had to do something. LOL.

It was quite simple. The Milk Bank required an MD note from my MD and DD's
pediatrician and few blood tests. The Milk Bank paid for the blood test if
my insurance did not cover it. HTH.