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Default The day-to-day details of milk donation?

DeliciousTruffles wrote:

I have contacted the Vancouver Milk Bank and they are interested in me
becoming a milk donor. I will become one if I pass the health
requirement (I don't see why not) and figure out the physical logistics
of getting my milk to them (I'm 3 hours from Vancouver).

I guess I would like to know more about the logistics of extra pumping.
When did you pump? How often did you pump? Did you pump while nursing?
Did you keep any for your baby as a freezer stash? How did you handle
growth spurts? Things like that.

Any information would be appreciated. :-)

Shannon's experience is exactly what I did. Ran out of freezer
space and donated a bunch of milk (I only did a one time donation).
They fedexed me a cooler and I sent it back full of milk, they
paid shipping.

Since you are a SAHM, you would probably do best to pump
first thing in the morning. You could either do it while baby
nurses the other side, or pump before she gets up. She'll have
to work a little harder for breakfast but she'd be OK.
That'd probably get you your best yeild. And I'd probably
want to keep a small freezer stash (how often does your
daughter take a bottle?), but since you are with her most
of the time, you don't have the 'keep up with baby'
mentality that you develop when you WOH (it was really
hard to part with my freezer stash, even though DD never
drank more than I pumped, so I never dipped into it at all).

Good for you for doing it!