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Default help me keep my son from perpetuating the cycle of abuse (very long)

"Paul Fritz" wrote in message

"turtledove" wrote in message

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. net...
turtledove wrote:

Woah!! I know that you and Paul have issues between each other...but
that doesn't mean that everyone has issues with him.

how you can defend him i do not understand. we keep having this same
argument brianne. how can you be my friend and at the same time defend

man who consistently makes fun of my mental illness for god's sake? he
followed me here from alt.child-support to harass me and just like all

others who have come here to troll me he has been welcomed by you and

other regulars instead of condemned so he stayed and got along with you

persisted in his harassment of me. thanks a lot.

And Cele posted once all about how sick Paul Fritz is to mock my mental
disability and how he needed to stop doing that and she thought she had

support of the group regulars...

And Paul talks about his daughter here on a regular basis.

really? tells otherwise. Of his 1,160 posts only 128

the word daughter and only 89 of those are about HIS daughter. 69 are

lorain, 67 are about lorian, 61 are about loony, 16 are about looney, 14

about feminitwit, 2 are about loon, 52 are about how he discredits my
beliefs by saying it's just women's studies, 16 from feminism, and in 77
posts he just refers to me simply as LL. That is over 300. There are
probably more but I got tired of remembering all the names he has called


Most of his posts are not directed at you because you haven't been
posting here regularly except for the past 2 weeks.

I've been posting here for four years. He has been posting here for one
year. I came here for support as a single parent, he came here to

and Moonshyne and he followed us from alt.child-support to do just that.
That is easy to prove, google tells all.

oh, maybe I'll write a song about it and you can sing and dance to it

Paul makes fun of it. LOL!

Really Brianne, this is serious. Think about this. Why do you feel the
need to keep the peace with men who you see continuously harassing other

Deja vu
I've been here before with you
this time I simply don't have the mental faculties or patience to deal

it anymore.

In a nutshell: Paul and I are fine. You keep feeding Paul opportunities

pick on you. In fact, when he doesn't You follow HIM around here until he
does by complaining to everyone about him or whoever else YOU deem unfit
according to YOUR standards.

This is YOUR battle. One which you ALWAYS choose to get into when you are
emotionally raw. It's a pattern with you. When you feel horrible
emotionally, instead of ignorning posts that you should IGNORE, you

over and over and over again.

Google me this batgirl: instead of always finding the negative look for

positive. YOu have YET to post this. Post how often you are told what an
amazing person you are. Post how many times I or anyone else has said

you have the ability in yourself to succeed at anything. Post how many
times someone has given you GOOD no GREAT advice. Focus you energy on the

*rant off*

Some random thoughts

As usual, looney is off in her own fantasy land. I think I'll do a little
research on google as to how many time other people have told looney just
how ridiculous she is..........I wonder if there is enough bandwidth to post
all the comments from all those people?

I won't waste my time looking up the little amount she posts about her son
in comparison to whining 'abuse' or trying to moderate dicussion.

Seems to me, looney is the abuser and 'stalker' with the amount of googling
she done over me snicker

As for following anyone into here.....first, anybody in the world can
subscribe and post to unmoderated NGs.....second, the parental alienator amy
lynn, aka moonshyne, aka stumpy, INVITED the world to revue her 'parenting'
time agreement or what every it was that hse had posted her......a fact that
looney fails to mention.

Both looney and stumpy have a history of taking things offline, harassing
people at work, posting names and address in NGs (including sex related
ones) filing complaints with police/courts over other
posters........................they are both the true ABUSERS

Any particular reason you're choosing to drag me into this?