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Default Hello... Is anyone left here???

"MarieD" wrote in message
"Kat" wrote in message
Or am I the only one?
Just thought I'd see if there's anyone at all left hanging around and
Or am I all alone??

I'm here! Don't know why though, there's only spam posted anymore.
I am not a breastfeeding mom anymore and probably will never be again but
I still stick around here and mkp. How's it going with feeding the new

Well, there's two of us, it seems! LOL
DD3 is doing good. I actually had her 2-week checkup just today. She's 2
weeks exactly today as well. The ped, as always, asked what I was feeding
her... As he has done with all the kids when they were this little...
Breastmilk was my reply (as always) and (as always) he corrected me and said
I'm feeding her moose milk because her weight gain is excellent. She's now
8lbs 8oz, IIRC. Her birth weight was 7lbs 10oz. I could be remembering
wrong, but I think he said something about 100g weight gain is what is
expected by this age and she's had 400g gain - or something like that. I
remember the 100 and 400 numbers LOL
She's feeding fine. She's still kind of doing the cluster feeding during
the day, but it's not as bad as it was. She seems to want to feed every 2-3
hours during the day. Or, well, that's what I end up feeding her LOL She
cries so she gets a boob lol At night, though, she seems to sleep a lot
longer. I've noticed that she's definitely happiest when I'm carrying her
around or when she's right on me. She seems to stretch a good 3-4 hours
even during the day if I'm carrying her, laying down with her on my chest or
if I wrap her on me. And yes, at night, she's in bed beside me and will
sleep a good 4-5 hours. I think... Not 100% sure as I don't actually really
wake up if and when she does and I don't ever bother checking the clock LOL
She's doing good, though, so that's a good thing! Weight gain is excellent
and the ped said she's VERY strong and he has no concerns!