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Default military schools?

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Why military school? What do you hope to get from one?

gee, maybe discipline, manners, courtesy, respect? Things that are
SORELY lacking in the public school system these days....

And I dont blame the teachers, their hands are tied by results of the
liberal social engineering of the last few decades..

Right. Kids should be learning these things from their parents.


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that can be heard unless someone listens ..

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Yes, indeed they should, values that are good and will be reinforced by
the school system. Trouble is, our public school system is crippled and
a large number of parents DON"T want to teach their kids values, they
expect the school to do it. The kids from these parents proliferate the
public school system, and their behaviour is a detriment to all others.
Why do you think that charter/traditional schools are in such high
demand these days? Parents of kids that want to learn are tired of
fighting with the system, and are doing it on their own....

The question was not "Why a private school?" It was "Why a military
school?" Considering that a boarding military school would probably
cost more than the most expensive private school here in Atlanta, there
has to be more to it than wanting to avoid public school.

(also avoiding public school, but haven't turned to the military yet)