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Default Update on Mother with 14 children

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''We looked at all the facts, and the facts at this point do not point
to what was first being alleged,'' prosecutor Bob Donohoo said."

"Moon Shyne" wrote in message

"A mother arrested last week on allegations that she beat three of
her children so brutally that they sought refuge in an abandoned home
was released from jail Tuesday without being charged.

Milwaukee police accounts of the situation were grossly inaccurate,
Nina Parker said in an interview Tuesday evening, hours after her

Still no word about the father as in how many, who or where they (he)
might be, how much support they (he) are or are not paying?

Why does that matter? This is a woman who worked double shifts on
occasion, to support her family. Bob Whiteside, and others, tried to
slam this woman as some sort of abusive welfare queen. I've tried to
show that their unfounded accusations are precisely that - unfounded.

Perhaps the father simply abandoned, who knows?

Phil #3

She's doing somethig better than a father working two jobs to pay child
support... how, exactly?

Who said she did anything better than anyone else? Certainly not me.

If you really think this single mother working two jobs is fully and
solely supporting 14, soon to be 15, children, can I interest you in some
oceanfront property in Nebraska?

Try reading the article. She doesn't have 14 children, and she's not
"A woman who was arrested after police found three of her 14 children..."
Ok, so she didn't have 14 children, she had 14 children. I got it now.
(Is that some form of feminstimath?)
Phil #3