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Default A clever idea for dressing the ends of childeren's shoelaces athome

Do you have a clever trick for dressing children's shoelaces?

My son loosely ties tennis shoe laces such that they always fray
even after I put glue on the ends, melt them, or knot the ends.

Here is a picture of his shoes that I'm dealing with now:

Whatever (patent pending?) solution you provide has to have the hard
dressing because he often pulls the laces out of the eyelets.

New shoelaces aren't necessarily the best answer because they too
will fray. Neither is simply scissoring the ends (it's not repeatable).

What I need is a repeatably cheap method to prevent fraying
and to harden the tips for lacing that can be applied at home
as a DIY to make my child's sneaker shoelaces last longer.

Do you have a clever idea for inexpensively repeatedly dressing
shoelace ends that you can share with the world?