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Default Use 2 or 3 Forms of Birth Control and Avoid Unplanned Pregnancies.

If you have sex, use at least 2 forms of birth control, or 3 if you have sex
frequently. This means condoms and the pull-out method and/or the
pill/hormonal or diaphragm/sponge. If you're a male you can only count on 2
forms until you know your partner; condoms and pull-out. If you're female
you can count on 2 or 3 forms until you know your partner; condoms and
hormonal and/or diaphragm/sponge. Never rely on just the pull-out method or
just the sponge, or actually just 1 form of birth control alone, period.

50% of all unplanned pregnancies occur in people using just 1 form of birth
control and the other 50% used no birth control. Don't get pregnant unless
you plan on it. Use 2 or 3 forms of birth control. All birth control
should say on the package: use in conjunction with another form of birth

Keep semen out of orifices for general protection against pregnancy and

2 or 3 forms of birth control is safer than a vasectomy or a tubal ligation.

We're told that presuming an average of 80-100 sex act per year, the risk of
pregnancy using the condom is 1 in 50 in perfect use, and 1 in 6 in typical
use, and that the risk of pregnancy using hormonal birth control pills is a
1 in 333 in perfect use and 1 in 12 in typical use. This means at least 1
in 333 couples using hormonal birth control in a given year will still get
pregnant. That's not very good. Multiply that over 10 years, and it's even
worse. To calculate the risk of using two forms of birth control, many
people multiply 1 in 50 x 1 in 333 and assume a risk using both of 1 in
16,650 in perfect use and 1 in 72 (1/6x1/12) in typical use, which is still
pretty bad. However, that is the yearly risk times the yearly risk. That
is like if you took a single die, presumed a 1 in 6 risk of pregnancy with
your birth control, thus the 1 side was pregnancy, the other five sides were
not, rolled the die 2 times for a presumed 2 yearly acts, did that with
another die/form of birth control, again, 2 chances for your 2 acts of sex
on your 1 in 6 risk, so 2 in 6 = 1 in 3 risk on each die/form of birth
control , and multiplied 1 in 3 times 1 in 3 calculating a combined 1 in 9
yearly risk, when really it should be 2 in 36 which equals 1 in 18. Because
rolling the 2 die together the risk of snake eyes is 1 in 36, roll them
twice for 2 presumed yearly acts, the risk is 2 in 36. 1/6x1/6=1/36, x2 =

If the rates of pregnancy we're told are based on 100 presumed yearly sex
acts, then the risk of using the condom per year in perfect use of 1 in 50
must become a risk of 1 in 5,000 per _act_, and the risk per year in typical
use of 1 in 6 must become 1 in 600 per _act_ . The risk of pregnancy of
using hormonal birth control pills per year in perfect use of 1 in 333 must
become a risk 1 in 33,300 per _act_, and the risk per year in typical use of
1 in 12 must become 1 in 1,200 per _act_. Therefore, I conclude multiplying
1 in 5,000 x 1 in 33,300 results in a 166,500,000 per act risk in perfect
use and 720,000 per act risk in typical use, or presuming 100 sex acts, a 1
in 1,665,000 yearly risk in perfect use and a 1 in 7,200 yearly risk in
typical use. If you calculate this out to the number of people of our
society it makes the risk of getting pregnant about equivalent to dying in a
car accident, keeping in mind your individual risk must be in between
perfect and typical use. If you could eliminate the risk of driving in a
car you would, so use three forms of birth control when you have sex on a
regular basis.

If anyone wants to run this by several university statisticians and inform
all high school sex-education teachers and planned parenthood, good.

Because of the 5 million pregnancies per year, only 2.5 million of them - or
half - are planned. Of the other 2.5 million unplanned pregnancies, 1
million are terminated in abortion and 1.5 million are brought to term.
Thus 1.5 million of the 4 million babies born per year are unplanned and 2.5
million are planned. 37.5% of the nation is thus unplanned, due to a lack
of a use of birth control, and this must surely have a negative effect upon
the socio-economic status of our society. Remember half these unplanned
pregnancies occur in people who use just one form of birth control.

Send a memo to the Pope, too. Unsafe sex that takes a risk with another
person's life - the baby's - is immoral. But sex that uses 2 or 3 forms of
birth control is safe and moral, and birth control should thus be advocated!

More research on safe sex at:!search/safe$20sex$20guide/alt.california/rSqpVObXPkw/J9IXKiR9zu0J


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