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tired_mom wrote:
Not sure the right forum to ask this..

A little bird has made its nest at my doorstep(outside my house) on

lampshade. She (I think) is sitting inside that since many days and

even scared if I go close to her.
I am guessing she is sitting on eggs.
Wondering if anything I can do to help her? Could I throw some bird
food or anything else I could do to make her feel more comfortable.
(straws, hay etc? since she seems to have very less of it )
Last thing I want to do is scare her off though.

This happened to us a couple of years ago. It may be a dove (ours was)
and they use very little nesting material -- just a bunch of sticks,

The main thing is to ignore them. We would try to pretend we did not
know she was there, and watch her through a little window.

If you put out food, it may attract other birds, some of which may be

Be prepared for a mess under the nest. You may want to put some kind of
disposable mat there in case it gets a lot of bird droppings on it.
Later, you can throw it out.