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Default A slant on spanking

Barking like a dog again, Kane7!


On 21 Feb 2004, Kane wrote:

On Sat, 21 Feb 2004 22:00:39 -0800, Doan wrote:

On 21 Feb 2004, Kane wrote:

On Sat, 21 Feb 2004 21:52:52 -0800, Doan wrote:

On 21 Feb 2004, Kane wrote:

On Sat, 21 Feb 2004 19:45:21 -0800, Doan wrote:

Just as expected, I threw out a bone and the Kane9 barked! :-)

Just as expected.

Yup! :-)

I responded to the content of your post, and instead of

resonding in
kind, you choked.

LOL! I couldn't laugh enough. :-)

Couldn't handle my responses, eh?

Nope! ;-)

Do you know why your "fun with" me is up?

Only when you stop posting. ;-)

There is one other way.

I do.

Wednesday, February 25th, 8 am

Is that the Rapture? :-)

Depends on you. It's your Rapture."

Either way.


Kane out until Wednesday, February 25th, then it's Doan out.

Run like a dog, Kane9. ;-)

Where. I have no escape hatch as you do.

In fact I closed all possibly ways out for myself, publically to you.
You do three things and I'm on. That traps me, and opens escape
hatches for YOU.

I notice you couldn't resist the temptation and are gather for the
spring....right out the hatch.

I offered to respond to your challenge to debate the Embry street
entry study. I asked for only three conditions. You've not met them.

Easy too. All they take is honesty. If you don't want to, or can't
meet met them we won't just automatically assume you ran.

We'll ask others to help decide.

Want to ask them if I'm running?

Want to ask them if you are?

I'll also ask them if they think you are a fit opponent to debate and
if they wish to address you any longer in this ng.

Hey, some may not be able to resist your baiting and dodging, but I
can easily, after I've used them and you up....and February 25th isn't
far away.

Do as you wish...
Be my guest.

My door is open to you, your hatch is closing. Two ways out, which
will you take?


Yes, I know you are.

And YOU just took the bait. I know what you can't resist answering.