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Default Painful sneezing/coughing?

It sounds familiar to me for one pregnancy. Particularly putting my
leg up before a cough, or holding my side that hurts. I don't
remember it being really painful, but certainly painful enough to be
worth noting. I don't recall it being worse lieing down.

What happens if when you feel the cough coming you brace your abdomen?
The answer doesn't really mean anything, just depending on exactly which
of the many muscles, ligaments and tendons is the source of the pain,
and whether it's tight or weak or swollen, or whatever, but it's worth

What's access to physiotherapy like where you are? I suspect with your
other kids it's not something you'd find easy to access, but if you are
having issues, it's easier to try and address them before they become
severe and if you are lucky enough to find a good person, it may be that
one long session to learn exercises and putting in the time to do them
could really help.

I was really lucky when I was first pregnant I had some pain from an old
back injury, it was pretty intense, but nothing like what I've
experienced since, but my midwife sent me off to physio as soon as I
mentioned it and though the injury was higher up, near the bottom of the
rib cage, the physio taught me the basic pelvic floor and lower
abdominal exercises and though I had a pretty horrific time from late in
my 2nd pregnancy and from then on, I think it must have made a
difference in that first pregnancy and then I continued to work on it
after DS was born and did an awful lot better during the 1st half of my
2nd pregnancy, I think too many times woman accept back pain as a
consequence of pregnancy, which to some extent it is, but most of us
don't have perfect muscles, so there is often something we can do to
help ourselves as well.