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Default One Year Marker

Last week marks one year of nursing.
Ronnie is about 90% bf still, but this week is wanting to eat more and
more of the regular food. Brown Rice and Veg with Braggs are his
favorite, little bites here and there.

It has been a hard yet wonderful year. I struggled with nursing on one
side for a very long time because of several surgeries on my right
breast, but two weeks ago I started to produce a little milk on that
side, so it is getting easier.

I noticed with PCOS it is very hard to produce milk, so the only way
around it for us is to nurse frequently since I didn't want to
supplement. It has been a full time job and I look forward to another year.

I know I only pop in once in awhile, but time has been very limited.

Just wanted to let you all know we made it through year one and look
forward to year two!

Jo (And Ronnie)

Ronnie nursing on his first birthday at the zoo.