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Default biting?

Kat wrote:
Biting hurts like crazy, or can hurt like crazy, so it's one of those things
that probably should be put to a stop sooner than later.
Try the taking her off and putting her down on the floor beside you idea if
you haven't yet. It probably won't fix the problem over night, but she
probably will get the idea fairly quickly!

I think I figured it out... She wasn't biting/chomping down at all, she
just started closing her mouth so the teeth were rubbing against the
nipple and the pain was actually because the skin had split a tiny
little bit, just the top layer and only a fraction of a millimeter but
enough to sting/burn when she was nursing. I quit the sippy cup and
about a week later it was all better. I did start her on the Avent
bottle with a 4 hole nipple now and it seems to not cause problems but
she's not drinking a lot from the bottle which may be because it's still
too slow flowing for her. I may need to investigate into different
nipples further.
She also caught her first cold this weekend so I'm totally not stressing
the bottle at all I'd prefer her to nurse and get more antibodies that
way ;-)

Thanks for everyones input!