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Default Bob Officer is nonsense - was pure blood

"carole" wrote in

Alternatively his therapy really does work and the allopaths are too
dumbed-down to work it out.

Chiropractic does have a limited effectiveness when it comes to lower
back pain, that's been demonstrated. But it is ineffective when it
comes to anything else - and that has been demonstrated as well.

I've already told you steelclaws, that chiropractic stopped my
tonsilitis and having to have them removed.

Just because you use post hoc propter hoc to explain what happened, does
not make it so.

Don't you get tired of these allopaths who constantly call anybody
"weak-mind, ignorant and superstitious" because they can't work out

There's nothing to "work out about homeopathy" - apart from that it
doesn't work, and that's already been done.

You and bob continually reinforce your own ignorance and closed minds
coming up with that sad old line.

I can - and have done so - to post you links to research that show
homeopathy failing properly conducted tests. What do you have?
Anecdotes? The plural of anecdote is still not data.

Naturopaths are fond of using enemas to rid the body of poisons.
Apparently they feel it is quite "natural" to insert a tube into
the rectum and pour large quantities of water into the lower
intestines. On the other hand, it is "unnatural" to take a drug
which in many cases is merely a compound found in nature, but
purified so its effects are stronger. -Martin Gardner