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Default Independence Day - in more ways than one

About time hehehe.

LoriMc stood up, at show-n-tell, and said:

Not many holidays left. I promise will never decide to get married
on a holiday again, I think I learned my lesson..LOL

Lori Mc

Strontium wrote:
Wow, Lori

LoriMc stood up, at show-n-tell, and said:

Strontium wrote:
I'd be ****ed. For my 'divorced' date to fall on a holiday. I'd
raise hell. I'd call congress. How dare they subject me to
remembering the end of my marriage on a national holiday

sick *******s.

Well get this:

First marriage took place on Christmas Eve, how stupid is that?

Legally separated on April Fools Day.

Divorce final on my oldest child's B-day.

I never seem to learn, 2nd marriage day after Thanksgiving.

Separated once again- May Day.

Divorced some time in November.....this time I made damn sure it
wasn't on my sons Birthday which is in Nov....

Lori Mc


"I thought I'd lost you, somewhere. But you were, never, really
ever there at all. And, I want to get free..."