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Default Independence Day - in more ways than one

Takes some of us a bit longer to learn the hard way!

Lori Mc

Strontium wrote:
About time hehehe.

LoriMc stood up, at show-n-tell, and said:

Not many holidays left. I promise will never decide to get married
on a holiday again, I think I learned my lesson..LOL

Lori Mc

Strontium wrote:
Wow, Lori

LoriMc stood up, at show-n-tell, and said:

Strontium wrote:
I'd be ****ed. For my 'divorced' date to fall on a holiday. I'd
raise hell. I'd call congress. How dare they subject me to
remembering the end of my marriage on a national holiday

sick *******s.

Well get this:

First marriage took place on Christmas Eve, how stupid is that?

Legally separated on April Fools Day.

Divorce final on my oldest child's B-day.

I never seem to learn, 2nd marriage day after Thanksgiving.

Separated once again- May Day.

Divorced some time in November.....this time I made damn sure it
wasn't on my sons Birthday which is in Nov....

Lori Mc