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Aww, that is cute and funny. Rats about the camera. Doesn't that seem the
case when something cute is going on that you want to capture?

#4 2/12/05

"Kaybee" wrote in message
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Ok while I was trying to catch up on this news group Eva came over to me

she was so cute. First off she did the norm and took off all her clothes

she is but nekid. Well she came over to me with daddy's socks on her legs
and arms. I ran to get the digital (I got for my b-day) and tried to take
her pic and the darn batteries were dead, and my 35mm has no film. By the
time I changed them she was taking them off. Drats no cute pics of Eva
walking around in her daddy's socks. I do have a pic of her taking them

but not as cute. Oh man maybe she will do it again.

Thought I would share this cute story. Wish I had some to post. Maybe if
she does it again I will post. Yes I will clean it up so I don't get hit
with that child porn thing. If she is nekid I will draw undies on her.

Eva 9/2002
little boy 1/2005