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Default Where are all the pro- "child support" (backdoor alimony) folks?

"TeacherMama" wrote in message

So are these small counties in Oregon? Or the larger counties? I knd of
had the impression that ALL of Oregon was quite liberal!!

Large counties. Multnomah County, where Portland is located, is the largest
county in the state and has a population of about 666,000. That is the
ultra-liberal county. Washington County (where I live) has a population of
about 461,000 and is split between the parties. And Clackamas County has a
populations of about 347,000. Those three counties make up the Portland
metropolitan area and they represent over 42% of the state's total
population. With the exception of the Eugene area, which is very liberal,
the balance of the state is conservative. The state's reputation as being
liberal comes from the fact the population in the Portland and Eugene
metropolitan areas is so large it dominates state-wide issues.
Congressional districts have been drawn to include large blocks of Multnomah
County for three congressional districts so these districts are designed to
get liberals elected to Congress.

The judiciary in Oregon is ultra-liberal. We have a system that allows for
judicial vacancies to be filled by governor appointments. We have had
democrat governors for 20 consecutive years (including the incumbent's
term). That means for nearly 20 years, one party has appointed our judges.
My ex's first attorney is now the Presiding Circuit Court Judge in Multnomah
County and his former law partner is a Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge.
The good news is both of those judges recused themselves from hearing my
case issues. The bad news was the only other Circuit Court Judge left to
hear my case was married to the democrat governor's chief of staff. Believe
me, I am relieved to no longer have to have my life dictated by the baboons
in black robes.