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Default Where are all the pro- "child support" (backdoor alimony) folks?

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So are these small counties in Oregon? Or the larger counties? I knd

had the impression that ALL of Oregon was quite liberal!!

heck no! There's too many fishermen, loggers, and old timer farmers

for that! Loggers are not tree huggers. ;-)

There are lots of tree huggers though. I had a kid from the Sierra Club
ring my doorbell two nights ago. He was out to save the "Tillamook Rain
Forest." First of all, I have never, ever heard of anyone calling the
Tillamook Forest, a Rain Forest. And second, I told him we needed to use
our natural resources in the forests to stimulate state economic group. I
made it clear I was for increasing logging to put loggers and mill workers
back to work, and then use the lumber to put construction workers back to
work too. He didn't stay too long on my doorstep. :-))