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Well, after 6 months of me hounding the doctors, knowing that Jessica had
asthma, she had two full on asthma attacks today, and we were finally
the 2nd attack) given a diagnosis and an inhaler.

Does my head in when they ignore mother's instincts. I hate the fact that
little girl had to get so poorly, twice, when they could have just
to me in the first place.

On the plus side, she's home now, and for the first night in I don't know
how long, her night time cough is under control.

*grrrr* rant over

Poor you (and her).
Wish you'd my doctor. He gives inhalers as the first port of call for night
time coughs in little ones. All three of mine had them at round a year, but
only #2 actually has asthma. He also believes in mothers' instincts.