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Default Want some (free) Ameda replacement white valves?

Hi everyone,

I used a pump fairly often with my oldest as I was working part time
and did a lot of evening meetings and stuff. But when my second was
small I quit my job and a few months later I dusted off my pump and
donated it to Goodwill. I don't need to pump anymore and I don't miss
it! But I was digging through a box the other day and ran across some
extra pump parts that I ordered a long time ago. Obviously, I don't
need them anymore.

I'd be very happy to get them to someone who can use them. According
to the people I bought them from, these things are called "Replacement
Silicone White Valves". I have 5 in a small plastic "zipped" bag with
the name of the company I bought them from on it. Here is a picture
of what I am talking about: It
looks like 5 would cost $13, which isn't much, but every little bit
counts, right? If you want these things, email me at v y x t e r (at)
y a h o o (dot) c o m and let me know. I'll give you my address and
you can send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope that is sturdy
enough to handle this bumpy stuff!

-- Vicki
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