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Default Do Plant and Droaner claim insufficient spanking for Klebold and Harris caused Columbine?

(Kane) wrote in message . com...
After all, over 90% of all parents spank, right? Where was that cop
with his nightstick when this family needed him, asks Droany.

Where were the church members and the objects to beat suspended boys
with, asks The Plant.

Or if the families has been good families, like the folks in the
1800's who routinely fed opiates to their children to quite them and
killed them thereby this wouldn't have happened, speculates the

From Fox News:

Klebolds Say They Don't Need Forgiveness

Sunday, May 16, 2004

NEW YORK ? In their first interview since the Columbine High School
(search) massacre, the parents of one of the killers said they feel no
need be forgiven and didn't realize their son was beyond hope until
after he was dead.

"Dylan (Klebold) did not do this because of the way he was raised,"
Susan Klebold told columnist David Brooks (search) in Saturday's
editions of The New York Times. "He did it in contradiction to the way
he was raised."

See complete story at..........,2933,120054,00.html

On 17 May 2004 13:05:31 GMT, (Fern5827) wrote:

Both Klebold and Harris were UNDER COURT JURISDICTION.

That wasn't the issue I presented....that Yew and the Droany One
defend spanking as an effective deterent to misbehavior of children.

And 90% of the children in this country are spanked.

Do you think they were effectively disciplined? I don't.

Both Klebold and Harris were taking prescribed psychotropics---Luvox,

in one

Yep. What has that to do with their parents failure to discipline them

Both Klebold and Harris were WELL KNOWN TO LOCAL POLICE.

Some police, the ones that Droaner seem to think have the right to hit
citizens with their batons, think children need to be spanked more.

Mr. and Ms Klebold certainly impressed me as caring, involved

parents. At
least one of the set was a Little League coach.

That's nice. Do you think they failed to spank effectively for
discipline, or could it be they did and the line, you know, the one in
The Question Droany has been unable to answer and account for
accurately, was crossed by the two families of these boys?

Spanking is NOT a preferred method,

Really? Why do you defend it so vigorously then, and never defend non
CP methods? Why do you support even parents that injure their children
using CP? Why do you minimize the deaths of children by comparisons to
historical ignorance of parents that IS NOT IN EVIDENCE TODAY?

but it most assuredly is not the ANATHEMA
as it is portrayed.

Prove that.

And for **** sakes learn some grammar. It would be "is not anathema."

After all, 94% of parents ADMIT TO spanking at least once.

I hear everything from 74% to 98%. Which is it?

And we all know how
folks fabricate on questionnaires of that type.

No "we all" don't "know" any such thing.

So do you think they spank less than that claim, or more?

And that doesn't answer my question in the original post.

Do you think the families failed to adequately discipline these two
boys? Did they fail to punish them for unwanted behavior as they were
growing up?

What do you think the cause of the two boys actions were, given that
lots of kids are bullied, left out of groups, and do not resort to
bombing and shooting their peers?

I wonder how we developed this violent society we live in?

Could it be our child rearing methods, that have a cumulative effect
from generation to generation...or so those that spank claim for the
effects of discipline...("my parents spanked me and their's them and
we turned out okay") have anything to do with our violent society?

Violent from top to bottom?

Even to The Plant and Droany being violence promoting twits?

So tell us, have you been able to recall whether or not your father
caught you that time you got in trouble as a child yet?

Were Klebold and Harris subjected to CP as children, if not do you
think that had a bearing on their violent behavior?

Were they one of the few, the 10% or less, that are not subjected to
CP as children that turn out violent...R R R R R...?

Simple question for Yew and Droananator. Answer it.