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Default Needed- Christmas help-Please

My name is Josph Nicholls and I am still waiting for my 2 boys ages 7
years, 2 years old and my 1 month old daughter to be adopted for
christmas. They are not picky. My 7 year old stepson loves disney cars
and anything disney, needs a heavy winter coat size 12-14 and shoes
size 3, My 2 year old son likes Thomas the Train needs, diapers size
5, coat size 4T and Thomas the train pj's and my 1 month old needs
diapers size 1, wipes, bebepod plus,Ocean wonder aquirum,water play
gym or kick and crawl play gym, anything Precious moments and Disney
girl things. I get disability because I am disabled. I was told thet I
should get a job, even when I did have a part time job
it still wasen't enough money for Christmas and I don't think anyone's
got that much money for the end of the year. Anything used is
apperciated. Also any free sites, samples and other christmas sites
would be helpful. Thank you very much.

May god Bless you and May God bless us all to have a Happy Holidays.