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Vaccinations and Drugs are being forced on the Public, Part II

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Old April 4th 08, 04:11 AM posted to misc.health.alternative,alt.support.breast-implant,misc.kids.health,talk.politics.medicine,misc.headlines
Jan Drew
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Default Vaccinations and Drugs are being forced on the Public, Part II


Vaccinations and Drugs are being forced on the Public, Part II

I've seen firsthand what child immunizations can do to an otherwise healthy
infant. I've had to deal with doctors who've said (after this infant
suffered a seizure a little under a week after getting his 2nd round of
childhood vaccines) that the vaccine may have triggered the seizure, but the
vaccine wasn't the main reason. The neurologists proceeded to look for some
"underlying cause". They did tests to find the culprit but found nothing.
Their reasons for the seizures triggered in this child ranged from him
having a stroke in his mother's womb to current findings that he has a
metabolic disorder or it may stem from a genetic problem.

While in the hospital, the medical team had found bright spots on the
infant's brain to indicate that he had damage in the temporal lobe. But in
the case of the vaccine, these neurologists and their team refuted
everything that my gut told me ...the vaccine was the cause.

I was told by these neurologists that only in rare cases do children have
seizures attributed to vaccinations, that about 1% of children have severe
reactions to vaccinations. That is 1% too many! I was given an excuse about
what a certain "medical association" believes in terms of vaccines. When I
wouldn't back down, the neurologist, clearly agitated, persisted with,
"Where's the proof, how do you prove it was the vaccine?!"

I pressed on...I mentioned to them, "If there was any doubt that the vaccine
would have caused the severe reactions, wouldn't you want to do further
tests (do further testing on the infant based on the side effects of the
vaccine to find out if it altered his brain) to look into the drug and its
side effects before dismissing it outright?" My urgent questions remained

Currently, after enduring seizures and tests in the hospital, this beautiful
baby boy is on medication to control his seizures. No doubt he must have all
of his vaccinations (in some states, there is an exception) before attends
public school. His mother plans to space them out so as to give his body
time to build up and become strong again.

It is truly a battle. Doctors will defend to the death the reason they
believe vaccines pose no dangers, even when children are having severe

This is a CRISIS for our country! Are our children lab rats that we should
willingly subject them to vaccinations without further tests done to find
out if they are safe? As a people, Americans are allowing their doctors to
prescribe prescription drugs one after another for us... and for our
children, they are getting inundated with vaccines.

Vaccines with strong side effects are given to infants only months out of
the womb. Vaccines like DTaP are given before a child reaches 1 yr. old.
Side effects range in severity from a fever, to seizures.

( http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vac-gen/side-effects.htm ).

Newer vaccines are scheduled to arrive on the market soon. A vaccine for
Strep throat is scheduled to arrive on the market soon. However, there are
vaccines that attack Strep on the market already and Strep is mostly treated
with antibiotics ( http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23505424/ ).

There are vaccinations that are available today that I did not take as a
child. I risked it and got Chicken Pox at age 10 and since then, I have not
had a recurring bout with the disease. But today, the Chicken Pox vaccine is
available. The moderate to severe side effects include seizures and
pneumonia. Getting the Chicken Pox is annoying at best. But it isn't life
threatening. The side effects from the vaccine are.

We throw immunizations around at every sniffle and disease thinking it's a
cure-all. Certainly infants should be able to have to time to develop their
bodies without all of the constant assault of vaccines at such an early
stage in their lives. Vaccines carry heavy metals, bacteria, etc. Such is
the reason why some infants have severe reactions to immunizations.

Many parents think that child immunizations are normal, that they will
protect their child from various diseases. WRONG! If anything, the shots
will make them sicker.

But there's money to be made in the immunization business. Just like drugs,
they bring in high dollars. They are UNNECESSARY. I'm no doctor, but if a
child has an already healthy functioning immune system and in general, a
healthy body overall, why expose them to shots at such an early stage in
their life while they are still developing?!

Autism rates continue to rise in the United States. According to the US Food
and Drug Administration website, Thimerosal, a preservative that is mercury
based, known to cause neurological damage, is still used in many vaccines,
however small the amount

http://www.fda.gov/Cber/vaccine/thimerosal.htm#t3 ). Thimerosal could be
attributed to the number of Autism rates in America and other reactions.
Recently a family whose 9 year old daughter had a reaction to her childhood
vaccines, won a case against the government (
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23508982/ ). The child was 18 months at the time
that she received 5 shots in a month. Afterwards, their child exhibited
"autistic behavior." The child's father, Jon Poling is a neurologist. "Why
take a chance," he asked in response to the finding that Thimerosal is
supposedly absent or in low quantities in many childhood vaccines. Certain
flu shots still contain the preservative Thimerosal. Poling urged the
government to remove Thimerosal from ALL flu shots.

More outrage...the Hepatitis B vaccine (Hepatitis B is a disease that is
normally sexually transmitted, or transmitted through other risk behaviors)
is being given to infants, sometimes shortly after BIRTH! What's the need to
expose a healthy infant to a vaccine that is clearly not needed at such a
young age?

It's time that parents stop relying completely on their doctors for every
bit of advice they give. It's time to use common sense. Do the research.
Look into adult/childhood vaccines before you decide whether to subject your
child to pain and anguish.

You, the parent, have the freedom to choose whether or not you want your
child vaccinated. Or at least, space the vaccinations out. YOU are the first
line of defense in protecting your child.

I will say this over and over... a statement I made in Part I of my article
on vaccines:

*If there is any doubt that any symptom you experience after getting a
vaccine is related to the vaccine, there should be no hesitation in stating
your case to your health professional. This is about your health...you and
only you should be in control of what goes into your body. The medical
industry is not always right, hence the many adverse reactions people are
suffering at the hands of immunizations and drugs. Many in the medical field
don't want to admit that vaccines are causing people horrible side effects.
This is either because they lean on medical statistics from various medical
organizations that the incidents of adverse reactions to vaccines are rare
(which is a lie) or it is because they secretly have some profit motive
behind the drug. The harsh reality is that many people are suffering
horrible reactions to vaccines and drugs and it is getting underreported.
Please remember, medical professionals are not gods.

Stay tuned for Part III, for more testimonials from reputed doctors on

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