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Birth and fear: Avoid UNNATURAL pushing

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Old October 21st 04, 07:05 PM
Todd Gastaldo
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Default Birth and fear: Avoid UNNATURAL pushing



Rolling onto your side as you push your baby out will allow your birth canal
to open an "extra" up to 30%.

More below...

Barbara/"Circe" wrote in message
TXVIOLET31 wrote:
Well, im a formula feeding mom whos relieved I got a c-section so i
didnt have to push that baby out!

Okay, I admit it. I just don't get why anyone would be relieved to be cut
open rather than pushing out a baby. I don't mean that as an attack: I'm
glad you're relieved and happy about it. I just can't figure what it is
about pushing that some women find so awful. I mean, I presume women have
had bowel movements every day of their lives (unless they're having
"problems", of course!). Pushing out a baby just isn't that much
At least in my experience.

So what is it about pushing that freaks some folks out? I'm genuinely


You are genuinely curious to know what it is about pushing that freaks some
folks out...

You already know what follows - but maybe there are new MKPeers who don't...

I'm sort of freaked out by the fact that OBs routinely have women pushing
with their birth canals closed up to 30%.

I'm also sort of freaked out because OBs are KEEPING birth canals closed up
to 30% when they decide they have to push on babies' spines (chemically whip
the uterus to contract violently) or when they decide to pull with hands or

As you know, sometimes OBs pull so hard they rip spinal nerves out of tiny
spinal cords - but all spinal manipulation is gruesome with the birth canal

Of course, I am NOT saying here that allowing the birth canal to open the
"extra" up to 30% would alleviate all fear.

It's just that I suspect that a lot of fear of childbirth derives from
generations of women being forced by OBs to do a very unnatural thing at

Speaking of childbirth and fear....

The "Childbirth Without Fear" guy - Grantley Dick-Read - in effect said that
allowing the birth canal to open the "extra" up to 30% was unnatural!!

The Nov. 5, 1955 issue of the British Medical Journal carries a letter
from Dick-Read promoting semisitting delivery over the left lateral
position - claiming the left lateral position and "exaggerated
lithotomy" were "the result of short-sighted teaching of an unnatural

Laternal and "exaggerated lithotomy" allow the pelvic outlet to OPEN an
"extra" up to 30%.

Semisitting CLOSES the pelvic outlet. The biomechanics were in the
literature early last century - well before 1955...

To make his point, Dick-Read invoked observations of
"coloured races" living in Africa, made by "100 collaborators, including
Government medical and administrative officers, missionaries, paramount
chiefs, and aged settlers who appreciated the novelty of this

Dick-Read also invoked various ancients - including Aristotle who he
quoted ("The woman should lie on her back...between lying and
sitting..."), Soranus of Ephesus, and Shipral and Puah "the Egyptian
midwives to the Israelites."

Dick-Read continued his attack on the lateral position by noting proudly
that "the left lateral position was used and discarded by the great
American obstetrician, Joseph de Lee, who stated his reasons for
reverting to the dorsal position..." (de Lee was the fine fellow who
established episiotomy as a routine obstetric procedure.)

Dick-Read concluded: "My investigations throughout the past few years
show that the large majority of peoples of the world of all colours
employ for delivery the squatting attitude, with the body weight take
either on the feet, knees, buttocks, or lower back...Surely this galaxy
of opinion favouring the dorsal attitude thoughout the ages must have
some foundation of good sense and purpose. There is ample evidence of
this from obstetricians, midwives, and the women and mothers of our time
who have experienced both methods adequately to enable them to arrive at
a balanced conclusion..." [Dick-Read G. Position for delivery (letter).
British Medical Journal (Nov5)1955:1142-3]

Dick-Read ignored simple biomechanics published in the medical literature as
he promoted closing the birth canal.

Why would SURGEONS (obstetricians) ignore the medical literature and close
birth canals?

It's anyone's guess...


Dr. Gastaldo

PS TXVIOLET31 says she's a "formula feeding mom," as in, "Well, im a
formula feeding mom whos relieved I got a c-section so i didnt have to push
that baby out!"

TXVIOLET31 is (likely unwittingly) denying her baby free daily immunizations
that reportedly make MD needle vaccinations work better..

MDs are lying by omission, failing to tell pregnant women that they
automatically scan for pathogens and manufacture IMMUNIZATIONS which they
"inject" with their breasts daily...

MDs - who claim to be pro-immunization - are actually quite
ANTI-immunization - lying by omission to deny massive numbers of babies
massive numbers of free daily immunizations. (What woman is going to fail to
at least ATTEMPT to immunize her baby daily? Hopefully, TXVIOLET31 at least
made the attempt to breastfeed.)

MDs are also fraudulently promoting their needle-vaccinations as being 100%
effective and in the process endangering vaccinated children. (MDs send
home/protect vaccine exempt children during disease outbreaks as they fail
to send home/protect the far greater number of children who were not
immunized by their vaccinations.)

I know, I know, there is nothing that can be done to stop this mass
immunologic child abuse because MDs are a protected class - but I'm hoping
some pregnant women will read this and maybe give their babies free daily
immunizations and the "extra" up to 30% in the birth canal...


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