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Old September 22nd 06, 04:00 PM posted to misc.kids.health,misc.health.alternative,talk.politics.medicine,can.politics
Ilena Rose
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Note from Ilena Rosenthal: Shortly after I was sued by the bully,
anti-science so called Quackbusters (Barrett, Polevoy and Grell), I
began receiving calls and email from people who felt Terry Polevoy's
vexatious actions were harming their families.

Polevoy was ranting and raging as is his way, and they told me he was
harassing Health Canada to get them ban Empowerplus ... which they
felt was a lifesaver to their families..

He (very,very poorly) wrote a ebook that resembles a madman on attack
.... and Health Canada did eventually stop the scientific trials on
EmpowerPlus. Totally anti-science.

At one point, I understand, he bulk emailed associates of a Ph.D
researcher at the University of Calgary, attempting to harm her
outstanding reputation in an effort to stop her work.

He had some degree of success ... madman often do.

However, this morning brought good news!

For years, Polevoy (seen on Usenet disguised as "Vera Teasdale" etc.
etc.) has used the Healthfraud list to wage his campaign ... spouting
his onesided views and any with opposite ones, received stern

Yet now the tide has turned ...


Sun, August 20, 2006

Tide turns in power struggle

Alberta court victory big step for embattled depression-fighting


In three days, Gloria Steinlein will celebrate the 5 1/2 year
anniversary of "not being crazy."

"Not that I'm counting or anything," she says with a cheery laugh,
"but February 23, 2001 -- the day I started taking Empowerplus -- is
the day that saved my life -- literally," says the 25-year-old from a
central Alberta town who has a thriving foot-care home business during
the day and is a bartender by night.

When Steinlein was 16, she went from being a popular straight-A
honours student to becoming so depressed she ended up dropping out of
school and spending much of her time on suicide watch in Alberta

She was diagnosed with "major depressive disorder" at first, and at
the age of 18, a psychiatrist diagnosed her as an "indifferentiated

She was on dozens of medications -- as many as 30 at a time --
including antidepressants, anti-psychotics, anti-anxiety medications,
blood pressure and heart medications and eventually medications to
deal with the Parkinson's Syndrome she developed as a side effect from
all of the drugs she was on. Despite this, her hallucinations and the
voices in her head got worse, not better. What's more, the formerly
90-lb. girl ballooned to almost 200 lb. as a result of the
medications, though now she's back to a svelte 120 lb.

"I didn't know who I was or where I was most of the time. I didn't
recognize my own parents. My mom would come to visit me in hospital
and I just thought she was a nice lady."

That went on for four-and-a-half years.

Just before Christmas 2000, Steinlein made a very serious suicide
attempt by swallowing several bottles of Thorazine. Upon her release,
a former fellow patient from the psychiatric ward at the Red Deer
Regional Hospital contacted Steinlein's parents and told them of a
vitamin and mineral supplement developed by two southern Alberta men
that had rendered him more stable than he'd been in years.

Steinlein's parents, Klaus and Christine, asked their still-suicidal
daughter if she would meet with Tony Stephan and David Hardy, the
founders of the company Truehope and the product Empowerplus.

"We were all very skeptical," admits Steinlein. "After years of taking
every medication out there and progressively getting worse, it's to be
expected, I guess."

Steinlein started taking the vitamins and minerals that initially
heightened her symptoms and side-effects from her pharmaceutical
drugs. She decided to stop taking her pharmaceuticals and within days
she started feeling better.

"Within a month, I felt totally fine and I've never had a relapse
since and it's been five-and-a-half years."

Steinlein is one of 10,000 people taking Empowerplus with similar
remarkable results.

And now a Calgary judge's court ruling has further legitimized

In a July 28 ruling, Alberta Provincial Court Judge Gerald M. Meagher
determined Truehope was not guilty for not having a Drug
Identification Number, and in fact, he found the conduct of Health
Canada -- which seized the supplement as it crossed into Canada from
the U.S. where it is made -- was "vexatious."

He also ruled Stephan and Hardy were entitled to the 'defence of
necessity' since expert testimony at the two-week trial showed "if the
supplement became unavailable, symptoms associated with depression and
bi-polar disorder, which would include aggressive behaviour, assaults,
hospitalizations and suicides, would return," wrote Meagher in his

One of the more interesting expert testimonies at the trial, which
took place from March 13-29, came from Dr. Charles W. Popper, a
professor of psychiatry at Harvard University and a private
practitioner in psychiatry with a specialty in child psychiatry and
child and adolescent psychopharmacology.

Popper was even more skeptical about the claims of Stephan and Hardy
than Steinlein at first. After being invited by two of his colleagues
to hear the two men, along with Dr. Bonnie Kaplan, a psychologist from
the University of Calgary, who was undergoing clinical trials, Popper
reluctantly went.

"But as I listened to them, they made some claims about this treatment
that struck me as pretty obviously ridiculous," Dr. Popper testified
under questioning by Truehope's defence lawyer, Shawn Buckley.

Claims like 80% of all mentally ill people who try Empowerplus improve
"significantly" had Popper leave the meeting one hour earlier than
planned. Before he left, however, Hardy forced a bottle of the
capsules on the skeptical doctor, who then hid the bottle in his coat
and then behind books in his office.

Shortly afterward, as a favour to a colleague, Dr. Popper agreed to
see a severely ill 10-year-old boy -- the son of another psychiatrist
and social worker -- who was having four-hour tantrums every day for
the past four months.

After they essentially pleaded with him to do something for their son
between their next assessment, Popper shrugged, told them of the
supplement and made no promises.

After four days, the father called saying " 'the tantrums are gone,
not better, not a lot better, gone. And that the kid wasn't even
irritable,' " testified Dr. Popper.

Dr. Popper now has about 150 patients on Empowerplus and they are so
stable, he has been able, for the first time in 20 years, to see new

Another 300 to 500 of other physicians' patients who consulted with
him are also doing well on the supplement.

Meanwhile, after being shut down by Health Canada, Dr. Kaplan has
resumed her clinical trials into the product at the U of C.

"The normalization of the mentally ill via nutrient supplementation
has the potential to be the most significant breakthrough in the field
of mental health since the beginning of time," says Dr. Kaplan.

As for Steinlein, she thinks Stephan and Hardy should win the Nobel
Prize for Medicine for what they have done.

"Without (Empowerplus) I wouldn't be here, guaranteed," says

"I wouldn't have made it past that year, I know that for a fact. I
would have killed myself or the medications would have done it for me.
Empowerplus is a miracle."



Old September 27th 06, 05:52 PM posted to misc.kids.health,misc.health.alternative,talk.politics.medicine,can.politics
external usenet poster
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Thanks, Illena. It's hard to argue with results. Hopefully, this will
help move natural medicine into other clinical settings.


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