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Long Awaited PROOF of the effects of MERCURY!!

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Old September 28th 06, 01:44 PM posted to misc.health.alternative,sci.med.dentistry,misc.kids.health
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Default Long Awaited PROOF of the effects of MERCURY!!

The best study I've seen on low level mercury exposure, was the
Seychelles Island study.


This link shows the most negative view of that study I've seen, and it
still states low levels are not harmful.

Old September 29th 06, 09:26 PM posted to misc.health.alternative,sci.med.dentistry,misc.kids.health
Jan Drew
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Default Long Awaited PROOF of the effects of MERCURY!!

The entire *gang* would like to overlook the FACTS.


Neurotoxic Effects of Mercury in Dental Nurses in Norway

I have just posted an incomplete version of what happened at the FDA
meetings in September.

Marie Flowers

God Bless this dear lady.

So what? Nobody has ever denied here that mercury is toxic. But these
examples involve thaousands of times the doses one could get from amalgams
in their teeth, and hundreds of thousands of times the doses one could get
from a lifetime of vaccinations. You've been told before, and I know you
prefer to ignore or deny it, that THE DOSE IS THE POISON!

In anwer to your *So what?* So-- this shows the FDA knew the facts. They
rejected them.

I have been rold by the *gang*. This is thier standard and OLD excuse.

The facts of low levels of mercury. That YOU and the *gang* have been told
many times.

Research in molecular biology has elucidated mechanisms that may underlie
toxic effects of mercury.

Studies of the effects of mercury on the immune system in rodents have
knowledge of the mechanisms whereby mercury affects the immune system.
studies of occupationally exposed employees have objectively confirmed
subclinical influence of mercury on the immune system at low levels of

The thyroid has been identified as the target organ for the toxic effect of
mercury in occupational exposure to mercury vapour in low doses.

Clinical studies of the effects of mercury on occupationally exposed
using modern diagnostic methods, have elucidated the connection between dose
and effect. They have also identified and quantified neuropsychological
symptoms at low exposure levels.

Relation between symptoms and mercury concentrations in saliva after
The Tübingen amalgam study could establish in the especially examined group
21-40 year old persons a statistically significant relation between mercury
levels in saliva and symptoms. Only symptoms which are characteristic of
subacute or chronic mercury exposure in the low-level range were studied.

Low-level chronic exposures to mercury may affect the peripheral nervous
system resulting in polyneuropathies (reduced sensory and motor nerve
function) and neuropsychological effects (visual alterations, sensory loss,
stress) (ATSDR 1989); these effects correlate to tissue levels of 20 to 40
µg/g. Neuropsychological effects were also reported by Smith et al. (1970)
for occupational exposure to mercury levels of 0.1 mg/m3. Mercury
concentrations below this value did not appear to cause observable effects.
Kishi et al. (1993) reported that neurobehavioral and motor function effects
persisted in ex-mercury miners more than 10 years after cessation of

Once inhaled, elemental mercury is mostly converted to an inorganic divalent
or mercuric form by catalase in the red blood cells. This inorganic form has
similar properties to organic mercury. Small amounts of non-oxidized
elemental mercury continue to persist and account for CNS toxicity.

Elemental mercury, as a vapor, which escapes from fillings, penetrates the
blood-brain-barrier and enters the CNS, where it's ionized and trapped,
attributing to its significant toxic effects


Environmental Effect of Dental Amalgam

Mercury is one of the most toxic substances commonly encountered, and
to Government agencies causes adverse health effects in large numbers of
in the U.S.[1] The extreme toxicity of mercury can be seen from documented
effects on wildlife by very low levels of mercury exposure. The average
filling has more than ½ gram of mercury, and has been documented to
continuously leak mercury into the body of those with amalgam fillings due
the low mercury vapor pressure and galvanic current induced by mixed metals
the mouth.

1. Hg plasma concentration correlated with no.of amalgam fillings.

http://tinyurl.com/cdb0 2003

2. Correlation between number of fillings and salivary Hg.

http://tinyurl.com/cgs 2000

3. The amount of organic and inorganic mercury in paraffin-stimulated

saliva was significantly higher in subjects with dental amalgam fillings
http://tinyurl.com/cgs1 2001 4. Mercury vapour release increases with
chewing, with absorption and
uptake by the brain and kidneys.
http://tinyurl.com/cczd 2002

5. Amalgam causes nerve cell toxicity in culture.

http://tinyurl.com/ccyo 2003

6. Plasma concentrations of mercury before and after treatment

supported the metal exposure to be causative for the ill health.
http://tinyurl.com/ccyr 2002

7 None of the materials tested consistently prevented microleakage.

http://tinyurl.com/cfcg 2002

8. In neither of the nonamalgam groups was this [wastewater] limit

exceeded, but 20.5% in the amalgam group exceeded the limit
http://tinyurl.com/ccyu 2002

9. I-Hg levels in placenta increased with an increasing number of

maternal dental amalgam fillings (p 0.001)... a substantial fraction of
maternal blood I-Hg, probably as Hg(0), reached the fetus.
http://tinyurl.com/cgrz 2002

10 Evidence of a pro-oxidant role of the amalgam Hg chronically released

in saliva.
http://tinyurl.com/cgrv 2002 11. Mercury released into air from dry
abraded amalgam
was shown to be above the recommended industrial limit
http://tinyurl.com/cf7j 2002


Low Level Mercury Causes Behavior Problems During Pregnancy

Subtle behavior problems were observed in mice offspring exposed to a single
low level mercury dose.

In summarizing the results of their study, the researchers stated,

"This hypothesis generating study showed highly significant correlations
between mood scores and most measures of low level Hg (mercury) exposure.
specific mood measures most associated with Hg exposure were tension,
and confusion. The strength of these associations suggests that mood should
included for investigation in future hypothesis-testing studies..... Among
cognitive and motor function tests, only the digit span and simple reaction
time (nondominant hand) scores were associated with any measure of
exposure...... Overall, and despite the small size of the study population,
this investigation found some evidence of adverse preclinical effects at
mercury doses averaging 36 ugs/l in urine. The mood and symptom results of
study agree with prior evaluations of both high and low urinary mercury
These preliminary survey findings support a critical evaluation of the
of the 50 ug/g creatinine biologic threshold for mercury proposed by the
Health Organization This is the first U.S. dental study to detect potential
behavioral deficits at such a low level of exposure. A larger and more
comprehensive study is required to accurately determine a biologic threshold
adverse central and peripheral nervous system effects for elemental

Drs. Diana Echeverria, Nicholas J. Heyer, Michael D. Martin, Conrad A
Depart. of Environ. Health, Univ. of Washington, School of Dentistry, Univ.
Neurotoxicology and Teratology, Vol. 17(2):161-168, 1995

Dopamine Uptake in Brain Cells Changed By Methylmercury

Attention Deficit Disorder children were reported in other headings in this
book as having altered dopamine levels. Several compounds, including
have been shown to alter dopamine levels in test animals. Now, researchers
Duke University Medical School have shown that even very low levels of
methylmercury result in dopamine and norepinephrine brain neurotransmitter

Old September 30th 06, 01:23 AM posted to misc.health.alternative,sci.med.dentistry,misc.kids.health
Peter Bowditch
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Default Long Awaited PROOF of the effects of MERCURY!!

"Jan Drew" wrote:

I have been rold by the *gang*.

Did you mean "rolled", Jan?

What have I been missing out on?
Peter Bowditch aa #2243
The Millenium Project http://www.ratbags.com/rsoles
Australian Council Against Health Fraud http://www.acahf.org.au
Australian Skeptics http://www.skeptics.com.au
To email me use my first name only at ratbags.com

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