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Tucson Arizona: New details from CPS: Williams and Payne cases

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Old July 19th 07, 09:00 AM posted to alt.support.child-protective-services,alt.support.foster-parents,alt.dads-rights.unmoderated,alt.parenting.spanking
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Default Tucson Arizona: New details from CPS: Williams and Payne cases

New details from CPS: Williams and Payne cases


New details just released by Child Protective Services reveal the
agency's involvement with Ariana and Tyler Payne and Brandon Williams
before the children's deaths.

You'll recall, it all came to the public's attention back in February
when 4 year old Ariana's body was found in a plastic container at a
midtown storage facility.

Her brother, 5 year old Tyler, is also believed dead, but his body has
never been found.

Then, in March, 5 year old Brandon Williams died at a Tucson hospital.
The medical examiner determined he suffered blunt force trauma to the head.

After lawsuits were filed by the media earlier this year, CPS finally
released a summary of the kids' cases Wednesday afternoon.

The document outlines the allegations of abuse and neglect against all
three children.

It also addresses follow-up visits by CPS workers and, in the case of
Brandon Williams, the inability of CPS to find him.

What follows are the complete summaries for both cases as released to
the media by CPS.


Arrest of Christopher Payne Reported to CPS

A report was made to the Child Protective Services (CPS) Hotline on
March 1, 2007 indicating that Ariana and Tyler Payne's half sibling, age
2, needed to be sheltered due to Christopher Payne's arrest and concerns
regarding Reina Gonzalez' (the half sibling's mother)
knowledge/involvement with Ariana's death and Tyler's disappearance. The
child was removed and placed in foster care and a dependency petition
was filed in juvenile court.

Prior to Mr. Payne's arrest, CPS had received no reports alleging that
either Christopher Payne or Reina Gonzalez had abused or neglected these
children. However, CPS did have contact with Mr. Payne while
investigating allegations concerning Tyler and Ariana and, therefore,
information is being provided about CPS contact with Mr. Payne.

Summary of Prior CPS Contacts with Christopher Payne

In May 2002, CPS had contact with Mr. Payne while investigating low-risk
physical abuse allegations concerning Tyler.* Tyler was not living with
Mr. Payne at the time that the alleged incidents occurred and Mr. Payne
was not the perpetrator of the abuse allegations, but the investigation
included contact with him. After the alleged incidents took place,
Tyler's mother had left him in Mr. Payne's care. Legal custody of Tyler
had not been established but Mr. Payne had been provided with
information to obtain an attorney.

*Further details of the allegations are not able to be released because
they do not involve Mr. Payne and are not related to the cause of
Ariana's death.

CPS visited Mr. Payne's home on May 2, 2002. Case notes indicate the
case manager observed Tyler, who had a happy disposition and appeared
healthy and well cared for. The case manager noted she had no concerns.
Mr. Payne was working full time for the city. His sister and the
paternal grandparents were caring for Tyler when Mr. Payne was at work
and were helping him. The CPS Specialist observed food in the cupboards
and refrigerator, and formula for the baby. The infant had a crib and
appropriate equipment for taking care of him. The CPS specialist
indicated that Mr. Payne was appropriate with Tyler and willing to care
for him. Mr. Payne indicated he might want assistance with child care in
the future.

On June 8, 2002, Mr. Payne contacted the CPS specialist and requested
day care for Tyler. Child care services were authorized for six months.

On June 11 2002, Mr. Payne contacted the CPS specialist, leaving a
message that he was having some problems with Tyler's mother, indicating
she wanted to take custody of Tyler, but he was concerned about her
ability to meet Tyler's needs.

The CPS Specialist spoke to the father on June 13, 2002. Mr. Payne
repeated that he was very worried about letting Tyler's mother have
Tyler. He stated he did not believe she is able to care for him. Mr.
Payne indicated he was going to give the mother a visit with Tyler for
the weekend, but was worried she wouldn't give him back. The CPS
Specialist provided Mr. Payne with the number for lawyer referral.

On June 17, 2002, the CPS Specialist indicated in a closing summary for
the case that Tyler was in very good care with his biological father.
The allegations were to be unsubstantiated.

In October 2005, CPS received another report alleging neglect of Tyler
and Ariana. Again, Mr. Payne was not identified as a perpetrator of the
neglect. Mr. Payne did not live in the home with Tyler and Ariana and
was not contacted by CPS until February 2006, when CPS learned that
Tyler and Ariana had been left in the care of Mr. Payne by their mother
sometime in January 2006. In a telephone call with Mr. Payne, he
indicated he was unsure what to do with the children since he did not
have custody of them.

The CPS Specialist advised Mr. Payne that he could consider changing
custody and was provided with information to contact the court for
custodial issues.

On February 14, 2006, Mr. Payne contacted the CPS Specialist. He was
concerned because the children's mother said she was coming to get the
children and there was nothing that he could do to stop her. Mr. Payne
indicated the mother told him that she had been cooperating with CPS.
Mr. Payne was advised that the mother was not cooperating with CPS
services. The CPS Specialist suggested Mr. Payne contact CPS if the
mother attempted to take the children.

On February 14, 2006, a CPS case aide attempted to visit Mr. Payne's
home but found no one at home.

The CPS Specialist documented in the case file on February 14, 2006 that
Mr. Payne had obtained paperwork for a change in custody, but had not
yet filled out the paperwork. It was also noted that Mr. Payne had been
advised to contact CPS if mother attempted to abscond with the children
since the children would be at risk with her.

On February 15, 2006, the CPS specialist received a telephone call from
the mother. The mother reported that the children were with their
father, who (according to the mother) was ordered no visitation in June
of 2004 due to domestic violence. In the discussion that followed, the
mother indicated that she had allowed the children to go with Mr. Payne
because they had not seen him in three years. She also said that Mr.
Payne had never harmed the children in the past. The CPS Specialist
suggested that the mother take the children to her step-father's home
(maternal stepgrandfather) and cooperate with services. She was asked to
contact her step-father and seek assistance from him and she refused.

On February 21, 2006, a CPS case aide conducted a home visit to Mr.
Payne's home and observed the children. No indication of abuse or
neglect was identified.

On February 22, 2006, the case aide provided Mr. Payne with information
to enroll the children in AHCCCS health care.

On March 9, 2006, CPS was informed by police that the mother had
attempted to retrieve the children from Mr. Payne. Mr. Payne told the
officer he had petitioned for emergency custody with the court and
showed the officer the paperwork. Mr. Payne also advised the officer
that CPS was involved. The officer contacted the CPS supervisor and
information was shared about why the children would be at risk with
their mother. Because the mother is not suspected in the death of Ariana
Payne and the disappearance of Tyler Payne, the details of this
information cannot be released. The officer was informed that CPS had no
reports of abuse or neglect by Mr. Payne. The officer left the children
in the care of their father.

The police report from March 9, 2006 indicates the officer documented
that the children appeared to be happy and healthy, that there was
plenty of food in the home and the home looked to be in good order
except for some "uncleanness" in the kitchen.

The CPS case was closed on April 14, 2006.

Custody Issue

At no time did CPS award custody of the children to Mr. Payne nor does
CPS have authority to award custody. Parental custody is awarded by the
Domestic Relations Court. In working with families, CPS does provide
information to parents about the process of getting or changing custody
orders. If requested by law enforcement or the court, we will share any
case information that we have, including custody arrangements, risk
issues, etc.

Death of Brandon Williams Reported to CPS

On March 22, 2007 a report was made to the Child Protective Services
(CPS) Hotline that on March 21, 2007 at 11:30 p.m., Brandon's mother,
Diane Williams, phoned 9-1-1 reporting Brandon was having difficulty
breathing. Brandon was transported by ambulance to Northwest Hospital.
Brandon was observed to have "very suspicious injuries" to his body.
These marks were identified as "ligature injuries to his neck, wrists
and ankles." Pima County Sheriff's Office was also contacted and
responded to the hospital. Brandon was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Arrest of Diane Williams

Diane Williams was arrested for suspicion of first degree murder by the
Pima County Sheriff's office on March 22, 2007.

CPS History and Involvement

Brandon was never identified in any CPS report as a victim of abuse by
either of his parents. He was identified as a victim of neglect in one
report, received on August 31, 2006. The allegations were that Mrs.
Williams was unable to protect Brandon from his older sibling. Brandon
was seen several times by CPS; no abuse or neglect was observed. The
allegation of neglect was unsubstantiated. Shortly after completion of
its investigation of this report on September 13, 2006, CPS lost contact
with Mrs. Williams. CPS made numerous, but unsuccessful, attempts to
locate the child and mother including unannounced home visits at
possible locations identified, contacts with local school officials,
contact with the school district, contact with the mother's bank, and
requesting police assistance via phone when the family was seen in a car.


On August 31, 2006, CPS received a report that Mrs. Williams had
reported to a service provider that Brandon's sibling had injured
Brandon on August 29, 2006, during an argument. The older child was
detained. Mrs. Williams stated she attempted to keep Brandon and the
older child apart during an argument, but Brandon got past her and the
older child twisted Brandon's face and punched him causing some
bruising. The older child also attacked Mrs. Williams and a neighbor who
was attempting to help Mrs. Williams. This is the only report received
by CPS containing allegations regarding Brandon.

On September 5, 2006, the CPS investigator interviewed Brandon at
school. No evidence of abuse or neglect was identified.

On September 13, 2006, the CPS specialist saw Brandon at school. No
evidence of abuse or neglect was identified. Brandon reported he was
living at a motel and identified the motel.

On September 13, 2006, the CPS Specialist attempted to locate Mrs.
Williams at the motel identified by Brandon. Mrs. Williams was
identified as a guest and her room was called but there was no answer.
The hotel staff would not provide Mrs. Williams' room number to the CPS

On September 18, 2006, the CPS Specialist learned that Mrs. Williams had
been in contact with a service provider and was scheduled to come in
later the same day. The provider agreed to contact the CPS Specialist if
Mrs. Williams showed for her appointment.

On September 25, 2006, the CPS Specialist went to the family home. She
found no one at home. While there, a neighbor indicated Mrs. Williams
had not been seen in at the home for 4-5 days.

On October 16, 2006, Brandon's school was contacted. The CPS Specialist
was informed that Brandon has not been in school since September 27,
2006. The school had attempted to contact Mrs. Williams and the
identified emergency contact several times; messages had been left with
no response from Mrs. Williams or the emergency contact. School
personnel had been to the home and had concerns. Prior to these
absences, Brandon had not missed any school. Mrs. Williams had missed a
scheduled parent teacher conference on October 6, 2006.

On October 16, 2006, the CPS Specialist attempted to locate the family
at home. No one was home but a foul smell was noted and the Pima County
Sheriff's office was contacted. An officer entered home through an open
window in the back of the house and allowed the CPS Specialist into the
home. The home was noted to be in total disarray with furniture
overturned and garbage in bags in front of the windows. Miscellaneous
items were noted to be scattered all over the floors, the kitchen was
dirty with items all over the dirty counters. Furniture was found in the
master bedroom and clothing strewn all over the floors. The hallway was
noted to be covered in clothing and junk and difficult to maneuver in
the home. A neighbor came over and stated that no one had been seen
around the home in 3-4 weeks. Another neighbor reported they had not
seen anyone in over a month or two.

On October 17, 2006 the CPS Specialist was contacted and told that Mrs.
Williams was currently at the home. The CPS Specialist went to the home
and found the door open but the screen door closed. She called out but
received no answer. The CPS Specialist left the residence but returned
five minutes later and saw Mrs. Williams arrive. Mrs. Williams and
another woman got out of the car. A child, believed to be Brandon was
observed in the back seat of the car. A large man met Mrs. Williams
outside and then Mrs. Williams and the friend got back in the car and
left with the child. The CPS Specialist contacted the Pima County
Sheriff's office but when she saw Mrs. Williams start to leave she
pulled up to the driveway and asked them to stop so that she could talk
to them. They immediately drove off. The CPS Specialist attempted to
follow the car but was unable to see where they went. While following
the car the CPS Specialist contacted the Sheriff's office and Tucson
police when the car entered Tucson police jurisdiction for assistance.
Both were provided with license plate for the car and information about
CPS concerns about Brandon. The CPS Specialist returned to the family
home, but did not find Mrs. Williams there.

On October 20, 2006, the CPS Specialist received information from a
relative that Mrs. Williams might be living in an apartment with
friends. The relative provided the first names of the friends, but could
not provide any other information with which to locate Mrs. Williams.

On November 8, 2006 the CPS Specialist contacted Brandon's school and
was again informed Brandon had not returned to school. No request for
his records had been received. The CPS Specialist asked that school
contact CPS if records were requested.

On November 8, 2006 the CPS Specialist contacted the Tucson Unified
school district. The CPS Specialist was informed that Brandon was not
enrolled in the school district and no requests for his school records
had been received.

On December 5, 2006 another call was placed to Brandon's last school.
The CPS Specialist was informed Brandon was not in school but a teacher
recently saw the Mrs. Williams at a local bank. The bank was contacted,
but staff indicated they could not provide any information about their


CPS Does not protect children...
It is sickening how many children are subject to abuse, neglect and even
killed at the hands of Child Protective Services.

every parent should read this .pdf from
connecticut dcf watch...



Number of Cases per 100,000 children in the US
These numbers come from The National Center on
Child Abuse and Neglect in Washington. (NCCAN)
Recent numbers have increased significantly for CPS

*Perpetrators of Maltreatment*

Physical Abuse CPS 160, Parents 59
Sexual Abuse CPS 112, Parents 13
Neglect CPS 410, Parents 241
Medical Neglect CPS 14 Parents 12
Fatalities CPS 6.4, Parents 1.5



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