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Interviewing pediatricians ( immunizations and vaccinations)

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Old May 9th 04, 12:53 AM
Todd Gastaldo
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Default Interviewing pediatricians ( immunizations and vaccinations)

Pregnant women: For simple instructions on how to allow your birth canal to
open an "extra" up to 30%, see the very end of this post...


My thanks to Melissa who inspired this post by writing...

My husband and I have heard a lot of controversy regarding possible

side effects from the myriad of shots that babies are subject to here in

U.S. We plan on talking to our pediatrician about this, just as soon as we
find one. Can anyone recommend any books or articles that might give us

further insight into whether or not we should go ahead with any/all shots?
I'd also welcome any personal experiences or information. Thanks!
#1 due 7/27/04

Most parents are likely not aware of the following...


1. Vaccination is NOT immunization.

2. Breastfeeding IS immunization. (See LITTLE KNOWN FACT below.)

Vaccination is ATTEMPTED immunization. Some vaccinated children are NOT
Vaccinated-but-not-immunized children must stay in school during disease
outbreaks while vaccine exempt children are sent home (protected). This
fraud - pretending that vaccination equals immunization - endangers children
not immunized by their vaccinations - that is - because we don't know which
children were not immunized by their vaccinations, ALL schoolchildren must
be sent home (protected) during disease outbreaks. Parents should mention
this fact to pediatricians and ask them to take action to stop the
fraudulent vaccination promotion. More on this below.

NOTE: Schoolchildren who were breastfed received free DAILY immunizations
which reportedly made (and make) MD-needle-vaccinations work better.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Breastfeeding women scan their environments for
pathogens and manufacture IMMUNIZATIONS which they "inject" with their
breasts daily.

WHY aren't MDs telling the world about this fact - esp. since breastfeeding
reportedly makes MD-needle-vaccinations work better?!


Please ask...

Why are ostensibly "pro-immunization" MDs missing this GOLDEN opportunity to
make the immunization rate *and* the vaccination rate skyrocket!?

Ask pediatricians:

What woman is going to fail to at least ATTEMPT to breastfeed after being
explicitly informed that she can immunize her baby daily and that her
breastfeedings possibly make MD-needle vaccinations work better?

WHY are MDs silent about this fact?

"Donor milk has been used to successfully treat a number of medical
conditions in infants. This article highlights 3 such success stories
describing the use of human milk in cases of velocardiofacial syndrome,
very-low-birth weight, and failure to thrive. In 2002, more than 300 infants
and young children and 15 adults received donor milk from 6 milk banks in
the United States and I milk bank in Canada. Donor milk is often used to
ensure optimal outcomes in full term or preterm infants until their own
mother's milk volume is sufficient to meet their needs. However, human milk
may be a lifesaving therapy for infants and young children with unusual
medical conditions."
--Tully et al.^^^ J Hum Lact. 2004 Feb;20(1):75-7. PubMed abstract

^^^Tully MR, Lockhart-Borman L, Updegrove K. Lactation Services, University
of North Carolina Healthcare, Chapel Hill, USA.

"...Milk bank[ing] mandates pasteurization and freezing of the donors' milk.
Most of the nutritional and immunological advantages of human milk are
preserved ..."
Riskin and Bader^^^. Harefuah. 2003 Mar;142(3):217-22, 237, 236. PubMed

^^^Riskin A, Bader D. Department of Neonatology, Bnai Zion Medical Center,
Haifa, Israel.

The relatively few women who can't or won't breastfeed should consider
breastmilk from breastmilk banks before going to formula; and breastfeeding
women who aren't already pumping should consider pumping and donating any
amount of this precious fluid that they don't use.


1. Key IMMUNIZATION controversy is being SQUELCHED because parents aren't
being told that massive numbers of immunizations are being DENIED simply
because relevant cultural authorities (MDs) aren't telling the world that
women are natural IMMUNIZERS.

2. Much VACCINATION controversy derives from the fact that minor immunizers
(called MDs) aren't required to report adverse events from their
immunization *attempts* (called vaccinations) - i.e. - the Vaccine Adverse
Event Reporting System (VAERS) is still VOLUNTARY, as in,

"The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)...administered by the
Food and Drug Administration and CDC...relies on physicians and others to
voluntarily submit reports of illness after vaccination..."
--Varricchio et al.^^^ Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2004 Apr;23(4):287-94. PubMed

^^^Varricchio F, Iskander J, Destefano F, Ball R, Pless R, Braun MM, Chen
RT. Division of Epidemiology, Office of Biostatistics and Epidemiology,
Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Food and Drug
Administration/NIH/DHHS, Rockville MD, USA.


MDs may still be failing miserably at reporting adverse events following
administration of medicines...

In 1993...former FDA
commissioner David Kessler, M.D. said that in spite of the fact that reports
from health
professionals are "essential" to ensure safety of medicines, physicians "do
not think to report adverse events."

Kessler reported evidence that physicians fail to
report up to 99% of serious adverse events.
[Kessler DA. Introducing MEDWatch: a new approach to reporting medication
and device adverse effects and product problems. JAMA


Kessler's up to 99% failure rate appeared in the medical literature YEARS
after Congress DEMANDED that physicians report adverse events to

As noted below, in 2002, another study mentioned (the same?) evidence that
physicians were failing to report up to 99% of serious adverse events
following medicine's...

Given physician failure to report serious adverse events which are
"essential" for determining safety of medicines...

And given that CDC is using safety of medicine's to reassure the public
about safety of vaccinations (see below)...

WHY is the VAERS system voluntary?


In 1988, Martin Smith, MD in AAP's journal Pediatrics that no
one knew "the real facts" about vaccine reactions/vaccine

See Smith M. National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act. Pediatrics

In his essay about passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury
Compensation Act, Smith [1988] wrote that "[AAP] members should be informed
of the
necessity that led to the inclusion of some of the provisions in the act as
they now exist."

Specifically, Smith [1988] noted that "many [vaccine] administrators have
not heretofore practiced" reporting adverse events; but that "these
requirements *had to be accepted* in the process of negotiations through the
years - because "Congress had *demanded* the inclusion of the reaction
reporting requirement as a condition to the legislation." (Emphasis added.)

According to the subsequent National Academy of Sciences vaccine safety
report mandated by the Act, "many gaps and limitations of knowledge
bear...directly and indirectly on the safety of
vaccines...[including]...limited capacity of existing surveillance systems
of vaccine injury..." [Howson CP, Howe CJ, Fineberg HV. Adverse effects of
pertussis and rubella vaccines. National Academy Press 1991]

How bad are existing physician surveillance systems of vaccine injury?

As noted above...

In 1993...former FDA
commissioner David Kessler, M.D. reported evidence that physicians fail to
report up to 99% of serious adverse events.
[Kessler DA. Introducing MEDWatch: a new approach to reporting medication
and device adverse effects and product problems. JAMA

Also noted above...

Kessler [1993] said that in spite of the fact that reports from health
professionals are "essential" to ensure safety of medicines, physicians "do
not think to report adverse events."

Finally this according to Kessler [1993]:

Physician reporting of serious adverse
events "is not [in 1993] in the culture of US medicine" because, as of 1985,
only 14%
of US medical schools had required courses in "therapeutic decision making."

It's 2004. What percent of US medical schools have required courses in
"therapeutic decision making." (?)

Regardless, why is VAERS reporting voluntary?


CDC's Vaccine Information Sheet for Measles, Mumps and Rubella
(MMR) states, "As with any medicine, there are very small risks," which
implies that "any medicine" carries "very small risks"

Given FDA commissioner Kessler's statement that one study found that
physicians fail to report 99% of serious adverse events, "any medicine"
might actually be quite risky. And since the CDC Vaccine Information Sheet
compares *vaccine* risk with the risk of "any medicine," *vaccines* might be
just as risky as "any medicine." Thus the CDC Vaccine Information Sheet
"warning" (that vaccines carry "very small risks") is worthless.

Incidentally, although the courts claim that parents are "warned" about
vaccines, the word "warning" does not appear anywhere on the CDC MMR Vaccine
Information Sheet; nor, incidentally, does the MMR Vaccine Information Sheet
state that some states have "religious" and "philosophical" exemptions.

FDA Commissioner Kessler's 1993 report states, "If an adverse event occurs
in perhaps one in 5000 or even one in 1000 users, it could be missed in
clinical trials but pose a serious safety problem when released to the

It bears repeating that, given that American physicians are refusing to
report serious adverse events (Congress had to DEMAND that MDs report!); and
given that risk can be calculated only if physicians report serious adverse
events, the CDC has no business claiming, as it does in its MMR Vaccine
Information Sheet, that, "The risks from the vaccine are *much smaller*
[italics in original] than the risks from the diseases if people stopped

In fact, we just don't know that vaccine risks are "much smaller" than the
risks of natural disease. More importantly, we will never know - as long as
M.D.s refuse to report as many as 99% of serious adverse events.

As alluded to above - from AAP's journal Pediatrics, November

Apparently, more than one study found that MDs are failing to report up to
99% of serious adverse events!

According to Moore and Weiss:

"It is almost certain that the overall total of death and serious injury
associated with drug adverse events is substantially higher than reported
here. According to a recent FDA report, 'About 90% of serious or fatal
adverse drug reactions are never reported. Some studies have found reporting
rates around 1%.''
--Moore TJ, Weiss SR, et al. Reported adverse drug events in infants and
children under 2 years of age. Pediatrics, November 2002:110(5), p. e53.

[Then again, perhaps Moore and Weiss were using the 1993 FDA report.]

NOTE: The above discussion was excerpted from my Open Letter to Oregon
Superintendent of Public Instruction Susan Castillo...

See Vaccination is NOT immunization/Breastfeeding *is* immunization!


Jeff P.Utz, MD recently said, "Yeah, so what?" in response to one of my
posts exposing his profession's obvious vaccination promotion fraud...

Here is my recent dialogue with Jeff P.Utz, MD - slightly edited...


BEGIN excerpt of "AAP vaccine fraud: Jeff P.Utz, MD says, 'Yeah, so


Todd D. Gastaldo, DC wrote:

I'm pro-vaccination - as long as MDs obtain true informed consent to

Unfortunately, MDs are NOT obtaining true informed consent.

Worse, they are offering a major fraud to promote their vaccines...


Organized medicine is selectively endangering vaccinated children.

Most parents are not being told that vaccinations do not always immunize

that many VACCINATED children are therefore at risk during disease

Jeff P.Utz, MD remarked: Really? This is well known. I don't recall anyone
ever claiming
that the
protection from vaccination is 100%.

#### MDs are claiming this INDIRECTLY - saying that only vaccine-exempted
kids will go home (be protected) during outbreaks - see below.

Worse, no one knows which vaccinated
children were not immunized by their vaccinations...

Jeff P.Utz, MD remarked: The cool thing is that when herd immunity is built
up by
vaccination of a
population, infections can't spread, so even when there are conditions that
would otherwise lead to an outbreak, the infections stop.

#### During outbreaks, the notion of herd immunity would be the *only*
reason NOT to send home
(protect) ALL children...But PARENTS are the ones who should decide - not MD
are currently selectively endangering vaccinated children by failing to send
home ALL children during outbreaks.

##### I wrote:

Currently parents seeking vaccination exemptions are told that
vaccine-exempt children will be sent home (protected) during disease

##### Jeff P.Utz, MD remarked: Yeah so what?

##### Yeah, so what?!!!! It's obviously fraudulent vaccine promotion!

##### I wrote:

They are told that during
disease outbreaks they will have to stay home from work - even if their
children don't get sick.

Jeff P.Utz, MD remarked: Really? By whom?

#### I personally spoke with a school bureaucrat RN who told me this.

#### I also saw the notion on the website of CDC's maximum vaccination
cheerleader Deborah Wexler...

"What if you don't [vaccinate] your child?...During disease outbreaks,
[unvaccinated] children may be excluded from school or child care until the
outbreak is over...for their own protection...This causes hardship for the
and parent."
--Wexler's Immunization Action Coalition/IAC

See CDC puppet (Wexler's IAC) promotes Exclusion Day
vaccination fraud...

This is obvious fraudulent MD-needle vaccination promotion - to wit: Get
your child
vaccinated - or lose money during disease outbreaks!

Jeff P.Utz, MD remarked: Really? When is the last time that you have heard
of a child
not being
allowed to school because (s)he was not allowed in school during a disease
outbreak because the child was not vaccinated?

#### AAP is just kidding then - right? - as in,

"If my child does not receive the vaccine(s)...consequences may
include...the need for my child to stay out of daycare or school during
disease outbreaks."
--American Academy of Pediatrics 2002

SNIP Jeff pretending that it is no big thing that MDs are artificially
the immunization rate way down by effectively denying massive numbers of
massive numbers of free daily immunizations

END excerpt of AAP vaccine fraud: Jeff P.Utz, MD says, 'Yeah, so what?'


ATTENTION CHIROPRACTIC PHYSICIANS (and other doctors of chiropractic)...

I have not heard back from Mitch Haas, DC involved in the Oregon Public
Health Association and the American Public Health Association...

Mitch (at Western States Chiropractic College/WSCC) has not yet responded to
my posts about the obvious MD vaccination promotion fraud...

See Get flu, get spine adjusted? (also: college vaccination fraud)

Copied to Mitch Haas, DC at

Of interest to chiros: Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary now has
a definition of "vertebral subluxation."

It's a flawed definition, IMO, but how COOL that vertebral subluxation is
now in a major medical dictionary!

"Straight" chiropractic is also now defined in Dorland's - also flawed

See Dorland's: Preventing VS by educating OBs (also: New defn of chiro in

Thanks for reading, everyone.



Dr. Gastaldo

PS Finally, my usual public service announcement...

PROOF that OBs and CNMwives are routinely closing birth canals up to 30%...

The 30% is from the medical literature...

The closing birth canals part is simple biomechanics...

Jason Gardosi, MD, director of the British National Health
Service/NHS West Midlands Perinatal
Institute/WMPI writes of the semirecumbent
delivery position (semisitting):

"...the weight of the mother is in part taken on the sacrum which is
therefore pushed upwards, thus decreasing the antero-posterior diameter of
the pelvic outlet..."

The funny thing is, Jason Gardosi, MD also *recommends* semisitting (closing
the birth canal) - or used to!

"The second stage...You might want to remain in bed with your back propped
up with pillows...As you push, try to let yourself 'open up' below..."

NOTE: Jason Gardosi, MD and his fellow British OB pal Malcolm Griffiths once
got me censored from an international OB/GYN listserv - but fortunately not
before two of my posts were archived thereon:

Anyone interested in some entertaining obstetric reading, check out Jason's
1989 Lancet "randomised controlled trial of squatting" - where nobody

See Sarah Key's huge balls (also: Kids can SQUAT motionless for hours)...

MORE PROOF that OBs are knowingly closing birth canals...

According to the Merck Manual:

"When shoulder dystocia occurs...the mother's thighs are hyperflexed to
increase the diameter of the pelvic outlet..."

WHY are OBs and CNMwives (nurse midwives) waiting until the
head is
out and shoulders get stuck before giving the baby maximum pelvic outlet

WHY are OBs and CNMwives forcing babies' heads through birth canals
senselessly closed up to 30%?
WHY are OBs and CNMwives KEEPING birth canals closed when babies' shoulders
get stuck?

(Merely hyperflexing the thighs does NOT get the woman off her sacrum. This
is BAD McRoberts maneuver. ON A POSITIVE NOTE: Gardosi et al.'s WMPI site
(quoted above) recommends a version of GOOD McRoberts
if the shoulders get stuck...


OBs and CNMwives are slicing vaginas (euphemism "routine episiotomy") -
surgically/FRAUDULENTLY inferring everything possible is being done to OPEN
birth canals - even as they CLOSE birth canals - up to 30%!

See Criminal medical CAM at Hawai'i's John A Burns School of

WEIRD: In 1993, the authors of Williams Obstetrics published the correct
biomechanics at my request but they left in their text (in the same
paragraph!) the "dorsal widens" bald lie that first called my attention to
their text.

The "dorsal widens" bald lie was created when Ohlsen informed the authors of
Williams Obstetrics in 1973 that they were still claiming that the pelvic
diameters *don't change* at delivery!

ALSO WEIRD: Before Ohlsen stimulated their "dorsal widens" bald lie, the
authors of Williams Obstetrics were ignoring Borell and Fernstrom's 1957
RADIOGRAPHIC demonstration that the diameters DO change - and this MANY
years after (way back in 1911) J. Whitridge Williams, MD - the first author
of Williams Obstetrics - clinically demonstrated 4cm of AP outlet diameter

For details: See my Open Letter to FTC at:


PREGNANT WOMEN: It is EASY for you to allow your birth canal to OPEN the
"extra" up
to 30%.
Just roll onto your side as you push your baby out - or deliver on
hands-and-knees, kneeling, standing, squatting, etc.

BUT BEWA "Midwives...encourage...semisitting." (closing the birth canal!)
--Yale CNMwifery Prof. Helen Varney. Varney's Midwifery. Sudbury, MA: Jones
and Bartlett. 4th ed. 2004:839]

Some MDs and MBs will let you "try" "alternative"
delivery positions but will move you back to dorsal or semisitting (close
your birth canal!) as you push your baby out!

If your baby's shoulders get stuck OBs and CNMwives will KEEP your birth
canal closed!

Yale CNMwifery Prof. Varney (just cited) writes:

"In the event of...shoulder dystocia...the woman should be
in a lithotomy position..." (p. 839)

Talk to your CNMwife or MD or MB about this TODAY. (For further details see
"Criminal medical CAM," URL above.)

CNMwives/MDs/MBs: If you must push or pull - and sometimes you must - first
get the
woman off her sacrum - off her back/butt.

Thanks for reading everyone.



Dr. Gastaldo


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