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ACOG birth crime video evidence

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Old February 12th 04, 04:26 PM
Todd Gastaldo
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Default ACOG birth crime video evidence

PREGNANT WOMEN: BIRTH CRIME: MDs are closing birth canals up to 30% by
using dorsal and semisitting delivery.

It's EASY to offer your baby the "extra" up to 30% of pelvic outlet area -
just roll onto your side as you push your baby out. Or use other
"alternative" delivery positions like hands-and-knees, kneeling, standing,
squatting - use virtually ANY delivery position but dorsal or semisitting.
Talk to your MD-obstetrician or CNMwife about this today.

LADIES: Protect your VAGINAS! MDs are slashing vaginas en masse (euphemism
"routine episiotomy") - surgically/fraudulently inferring they are doing
everything to OPEN the birth canal even as they CLOSE the birth canal - up
to 30%!

BEWA MDs and CNMwives LIKE semisitting (closing the birth canal)!! Some
MDs and CNMwives will let you "try" "alternative" delivery positions but
will move you back to semisitting (close your birth canal up to 30%!) for
the actual delivery!

ACOG = American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

"The objectives of this corporation [ACOG] shall be to foster and stimulate
improvements in all aspects of the healthcare of women..."
--ACOG Bylaws, Article II, Section 1

Attention ACOG Pres. John M. Gibbons, Jr., MD and ACOG Sections and
Districts (listed below): Please stop ACOG from selling the ACOG Shoulder
Dystocia Drill video. Please teach - at ACOG's upcoming 52nd Annual
Clinical Meeting May 1-5, 2004 in Philadelphia - that the ACOG video in
effect tells obstetricians to KEEP birth canals closed when the baby's
shoulders get stuck. Yes, the video does PURPORT to show obstetricians how
to allow the birth canal to open maximally when shoulders get stuck - but
this is just an indirect admission of a major crime: obstetricians are
routinely CLOSING birth canals - up to 30% it turns out.

In accord with the ACOG Bylaws (see quote above), please foster and
stimulate improvement in this aspect of the healthcare of women at ACOG's
upcoming 52nd Annual Clinical Meeting May 1-5, 2004 in Philadelphia. And
please stop ACOG from selling the ACOG Shoulder Dystocia Drill video.

Anyone can order the ACOG video....

USENET READERS: If ACOG won't sell the video to you (which would be a good
sign IMO), please notifiy me at ...

To order online...

Shoulder Dystocia Drill
William Young, MD
Time: 18 minutes/1995 (Reviewed 2001)
Item #AVL103
Price: $85
ACOG members: $55


By purporting to show obstetricians how to OPEN the birth canal in a
minority of births when the shoulders get stuck (with McRoberts maneuver),
ACOG is indirectly admitting that in the MAJORITY of births obstetricians
are CLOSING the birth canal - up to 30% it turns out.

It's obvious mass child abuse.

Worse, the ACOG video demonstrates the BAD ("proper") version of McRoberts
maneuver (also illustrated in Williams Obstetrics) which keeps the birth


IMPROPER (GOOD) McRoberts maneuver is done with the head of the bed flat.
The mother is rolled OFF
her sacral tip so that it can move back out of the way of the baby. One
author said that the woman's
knees are rolled back to her ears so that her vagina is pointing up - as if
she will be launching an
astronaut into space from her vagina. The point is, IMPROPER (GOOD)
McRoberts gets women off their
sacra. "Proper" (BAD) McRoberts does not.

NOTE: BAD McRoberts is referred to as "proper" because Robert Gherman, MD
fraudulently said
McRoberts was being done "properly" as he used BAD McRoberts maneuver - as
he radiated
fetuses to cover-up the crime.

See IMPROPER McRoberts can save tiny lives and tiny limbs...

SUMMARY: TWO related mass child abuse crimes are being committed by
obstetricians: 1) obstetricians are routinely closing birth canals up to
30%; and 2) obstetricians are KEEPING birth canals closed when babies'
shoulders get stuck.

Both semisitting and dorsal lithotomy - the two most common delivery
positions - close
the birth canal up to 30%.


Every DC in the nation should be visiting maternity hospitals to PREVENT
spinal problems in babies - to prevent paralysis and death from MD spinal

Every DC in the nation should be saying to MD-obstetricians: if you must
push or pull on the baby's spine - and sometimes you must - first get women
off their sacra.

In addition to routinely closing birth canals up to 30%, MDs often
GRUESOMELY manipulate babies'
spines (push with oxytocin; pull with forceps/vacuums) with the birth canal
senselessly closed
up to 30%.

An estimated six babies per day DIE from vacuum-assisted spinal manipulation
alone - with birth
canals senselessly closed up to 30%.

See USUAL MECHANISM (PS5) in my article, "Pregnant chiro patients: BIZARRE
chiro legislation -
babies be damned..." http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chiro-list/message/2135


I stand helpless as MDs remain silent as their MD-obstetrician colleagues
ignore simple biomechanics, senselessly close birth canals and gruesomely
push and pull on babies' spines - sometimes actually ripping nerves out of
tiny spinal cords.

DAs, too, are ignoring this obstetric mass child abuse crime - not to
mention another one (in which pediatricians once played a bizarre "babies
can't feel pain" role)...

See Feldenkrais vs. Surgery (also: ugh, Erb's preve\

I am finally concluding that child abuse is legal if there is an MD after
your name.

And if a baby dies or gets paralyzed during the child abuse, that's legal

(Or at the very worst it's punishable in a civil malpractice suit.)


In 2000, the 1995 ACOG shoulder dystocia video mentioned above was ruled
exempt from the hearsay
rule - admissible in court - in Costantino v. Herzog...

See James Nocon, MD, JD (Also: Dateline NBC: Marsden Wagner, MD
v. ACOG (Sunday, Sept. 16)

All birth trauma attorneys should be presenting this information to juries.

If anyone knows of a birth trauma attorney presenting this information to a
jury - please
contact me.

So far, I haven't heard back from one of the best...



"$3,000,000...for a brachial plexus injury that occurred at birth resulting
in partial paralysis of her right hand and arm."

OPEN LETTER (archived for global access at:

Kathleen T. Zellner, JD
1717 North Naper Boulevard
Suite 203
Naperville, Illinois 60563


I think your birth trauma jackpots would SKYROCKET if you started telling
juries that MDs are senselessly closing birth canals up to 30%.

Since MDs won't stop of their own accord...

Since DAs are dragging their feet...

See FBI: AMA 'pedo-priests': Will DA Cooley prosecute?

WHY NOT A CLASS ACTION? Maybe you could stop the grisly mass obstetric
travesty with a class action lawsuit.

At the very least, you could add "Birth on back or butt - dorsal or
semisitting" to your brachial plexus injury risk factors...

Thanks for reading,



Dr. Gastaldo

END excerpt of Gastaldo's Open Letter to Atty Kathleen Zellner

Atty Kathleen Zellner ): If you are reading, please respond.
Have you heard of any birth trauma attorneys telling juries about the FACT
that MDs are senselessly closing birth canals?

Rahul Nath, MD. You make money treating BPI so you have a SPECIAL ethical
obligation to help PREVENT BPI...

"The majority of children with obstetric brachial plexus injuries have risk
factors for a difficult delivery such as large size, use of forceps or
and shoulder dystocia."
--Rahul K. Nath, MD

Rahul, when you mention BIG BABIES in shoulder dystocia/BPI - you've *got*
to start mentioning senseless closure of birth canals up to 30% by MDs and

Remember, when the baby gets stuck, MD-obstetricians often call it
cephaloPELVIC disproportion...

OPEN LETTER (archived for global access

Rahul K. Nath, MD
1102 Bates St.,
Suite 950
Feigin Center
Houston, TX 77030
Phone 832-824-3193
Fax 832-825-3114


MDs have "an ethical obligation to prevent harm."
--Clarence Braddock III, MD, MPH

Since you list "difficult delivery" risk factors for obstetric brachial
injuries ("large size, use of forceps or vacuum, and shoulder dystocia")...

Since it is "established obstetric teaching that a narrow pelvic outlet
predisposes to a difficult vaginal delivery..."
--Dr. Andrea Froschauer-Frudinger et al. [Br J Obstet Gynaecol

Difficult deliveries caused by obstetricians senselessly narrowing pelvic
outlets (see the postscript) are likely causing some obstetric brachial

Please meet your ethical obligation to prevent that which you treat.

Thanks for reading,



Dr. Gastaldo

END excerpt of MDs paralyzing babies; Dr. Nath to help PREVENT Erb's



Failure to report child abuse perpetuates child abuse....

So under the law failure to report child abuse is also a crime.

One pediatrician wrote in 1986:

"What a terrible indictment...guilty of failing those for whom we have
chosen to be advocates." [Finkel KC: The failure to report child abuse.
AJDC, 1986;140:329-330]

Yes - it's a terrible indictment - no prosecution yet - so the mass
birth-canal-closing child abuse continues.

BTW, to speed an end to the mass suffering of babies, I am in favor of
pardons in advance for MDs. MDs are just academic prime cuts forced through
this culture's most powerful mental meatgrinder - medical school.

Thanks for reading everyone.



Dr. Gastaldo

Copied to: Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley and his deputy
Bill Hodgman via

Copied to: American Medical Association President Donald J. Palmisano, MD,
JD via

Copied to: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists/ACOG

ACOG District I Michael Tesoro, MD, Chairman via

ACOG District II Donna Montalto Williams, Executive Director via

ACOG District II (Junior Fellows), Cynthia Gyamfi, MD via

ACOG District III Owen Montgomery, MD via
and Christine
Himes via

ACOG District III (Junior Fellows), Joanne Quinones via

ACOG District V (Junior Fellows), Elise Fischer via

ACOG District VI Michael Schellpfeffer, MD via

ACOG District IX William Khieu, MD via

ACOG Central America Section Kay Uwe Sander, MD via
; Eduardo Cordova, MD via
; Jorge R. Escobedo, MD via
; Ligia Altamirano, MD via
; Leonel Perez, MD via
ACOG Hawaii Section John Spangler via
and Nathan Fujita,
Chair via Harry Yoshino, Vice-Chair via

ACOG Indiana Section Steven Coats, MD, Chair, Jeanne Ballard, MD,
Vice-Chair, and Jeffrey Rothenberg, MD, Secretary/Treasurer via Jeffrey
Rothenberg, MD, MS, Webmaster via

ACOG Minnesota Section Colleen Jensen via

ACOG New Jersey Section Linda Bartolo via
and Paul G.
Stumpf, MD, Chair via

ACOG Ohio Junior Fellows Section Saju Joy, MD, Vice Chair via

ACOG Ohio Section Thomas Art deHoop via

ACOG Pennsylvania Section Jan Reisinger via

ACOG Tennessee Ted Anderson, MD, PhD via

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