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You guys always ask the wrong questions and then give the wrong answers

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Old January 23rd 06, 05:20 PM posted to alt.support.child-protective-services,alt.support.foster-parents
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Default You guys always ask the wrong questions and then give the wrong answers

Jim Richardson wrote:
Hey ole 16 kb - if you could just give the location of the two CPS offices
that are housed in old grocery store, folks won't think you're having
another lapse of ethics - lying through your teeth just to be right. It's so
typical CPS.

3618 SE 122nd Ave. Portland OR, 97236

Stripmall at 122nd and Division, Portland Oregon. An old Safeway, new
one located across 122nd Avenue. 2/3rd of building occupied by
'Services to Children and Families", high ceilinged, cold as a bitch,
hard to light, crowded. Share other 1/3rd with clientele that can be
somewhat difficult, use same reception area.

Parking lot has had instances of shots fired, as this is a gang
territory overlap point.

Other mall residents...hardware store, laundromat, poolhall gaming
parlor, icecream vendor, gas station, and more. Neighborhood is
predominately transient and lowerclass white with a large number of
families on state support.

I have visited this office many times in the course of assisting
relatives who are fostering and adopting. Support groups for them meet
there and in other districts of Multnomah Co.

Debbie Harding is the office manager and knows the history of the
building and I believe has been in it from it's first use after
conversion. Her number is 503-731-4293 x 2615

Give her a call and get back to me, knucklehead.

Here are some other offices, and you can look them up in the state
directory for DHS, and their disposition as to origin and lease or
owned by the state (they are ALL leased from private owners)

See below:

I told you and others in this ng that I have been an activist on child
welfare in the west for many years, beginning in 1976. I have made it a
point to KNOW all the business of the state of OR, WA, ID, AK, CA, NV
pertaining to child protection matters for many years. My files and
contacts are extensive, from local offices to the state legislatures.

I cannot argue budget at the capitols without being familiar with the
operational issues relating to them. Hence I know perfectly well what
they building usages are. The only state buildings being used for
housing CPS in those states tend to universally only their state
capitol office. The branches tend to be almost universally again,
leased premises.

Business property owners have a strong state lobbying presence and
fight the state buying up office space. Grow up, you and Doug both, you
mindless propaganda peddling sickos.

More Oregon state offices:

(better have highspeed, as this is a 300+page pdf file)

Search on "Albina Office".

This building is the grungiest of the lot in Multnomah county, or was
many years ago when I visited there about twice a year or so. I've no
idea what it was converted from, but it had to be grim. Parking is
horrible. It is not a state building. One state worker was held up at
the curb many years ago. This is 'da 'hood' for Portland. It reception
area is a lockdown room. You speak to the receptionist through glass,
as I recall. Next door is the state employment office..they share the
building and parking.

Search on "Centralized Support" It's on "Lombard"

This is actually one of the nicest offices (but parking is a horror
show. Narrow streets, workers rarely find a parking spot as residential
parking takes it all up. This office, however is yet another of the
converted grocery stores. It sits across the street on two sides from a
Honda auto and Honda motorcycle sales and services buildings (guess
what it sounds like). It also has meeting rooms I've been in. A working
class neighborhood apparently making a comeback a bit.

And again, leased offices.

Search on "Gresham Child Welfare"

This is a converted Elks lodge, with a leaky basement. It is, like all
the others, a leased building. Feel free to speak to Jodi Witrin and
ask about the parking. It's one of the better ones, and I've heard
finally stopped charging it's employees to park there. Or they could
have gone back to it, I really don't know. But I've seen the parking
fee employee billing that a friend of mine, a worker there, showed me
some years back.

The interior is crowded and because a rail public transit system (MAX)
runs by the back of the building, and has a station across the street,
an unsafe location at night, when some workers and families use the
facility. Painted in weird colors, but then I'm old fashioned.

I see this place nearly everything I'm in Portland, as I own some
managed rental property in the Gresham area, not far from this CPS
office location. I do in other western cities as well. Southern Idaho,
Coastal Washington, and Coastal Oregon.

Search on "Midtown Child Welfare"

This is reputed to be the largest CPS office in the state of Oregon. I
can believe that. I've actually been in the office area, because the
main meeting room, which is often used to host visiting conferences, is
in the middle of the work area. They have to have at least 200
employees in this office. It's in an old office complex called, I
believe, the Lloyd Center Business Plaza or something similar.

This and the Gresham office were the ones that had or have employee
parking fees, and though there is plenty of parking it is NOT all day.
I've parked there to go to the office area for meetings (You have to
walk all the way across the business complex, get a "parking permit"
from security in the CPS reception area (yes, they have to have a
security guard because of lots of homeless in the area living under
freeway overpasses.) walk back to your car, place the pass good for 2
or 3 hours (I've forgotten the time) and then walk back to the CPS

The building owners have "ticketed" me with threats to tow when I had
long meetings there.

Again, of course, this being a business complex, the offices are

Search on "Bend Child Welfare"

Again a leased office. And again a converted building. Original use I
do not know, but it ain't pretty, and this is a resort destination

As for their central offices in the state capitol of Salem OR? Well, I
met state employees of CPS in the METERED parking lot that work in the
central office so it's pretty obvious they pay for parking. I do not
think they are reimbursed.

Last I heard gas mileage for their own cars a was about 45 cents, but
Oregon has the highest auto expenses...gas there is always higher than
elsewhere in most of the U.S.

It's never been 50.5 cents as Duplicitious Doug has claimed.

Feel free, of course, to call any and all CPS offices throughout the
states I've listed, and others as well (even Doug's own state he has
the mileage reimbursement wrong on, it's only 40 cents or so there).

Most branch offices of CPS are in leased structures. CPS is the step
child in most states....the clients served tend to be the creepiest,
(and the victims most horrendously damaged) and so put off other state
workers, even those in grunge work.

It get's some of the worst support and of course it's budget money
tends to be spent on services to clients rather than comforts of the

You are full of ****, child, and so is Doug. You obviously have an axe
to grind with CPS and run off at the mouth about things you are
ignorant of or prefer to lie about.

Try again, dimwit.

I know so much about CPS that at times CPS adminstrators and field
managers call ME for information when they can't find it. Particulary
historical info from the 70s, 80s. I know were the bodies are buried.

And because I've helped so many relatives, I know who the perpetrators
are and what they did to the children now in the care of their aunts
and uncles, grandmas and grandpas...and it ain't purddy, and it's NOT
what you and Doug claim...you lying thugs, that it's mostly poor folks
that don't really abuse.

It's mostly insane drug and alcohol users. Regardless of income, but
you can assume alchies and drug users are poor by force of their habit.

You might well be one. You using the library computers again?



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