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Anat Baniel and WOMAN'S WORK (labor & delivery): Gastaldo asks for help making birth easier...

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Old February 22nd 04, 08:03 PM
Todd Gastaldo
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Default Anat Baniel and WOMAN'S WORK (labor & delivery): Gastaldo asks for help making birth easier...

ANAT BANIEL (Anat Baniel/Moshe Feldenkrais Method for Children)...

Please see FROM NEWBORNS TO THE ELDERLY, at the end of this post...





"...I'm now officially an ergonomist...[The ergonomist always asks
about]...the human response....'How does the human machine respond to the
demands of the task?'"
--Paul Hooper, DC, MPH

OPEN LETTER (archived for global access at:

Paul Hooper, DC, MPH
Diamond Bar, California

Hi Paul,

"Human machines" aren't responding very well to the task of giving birth on
their backs, being forced to close their birth canals up to 30%.

See Dorland's: Preventing VS by educating OBs (also: New defn of chiro in

Tiny "human machines" are being adversely affected - sometimes killed or

I call it The Great Birth Robbery - it's related to The Great Squat Robbery
discussed in the postscript.

With birth canals senselessly closed up to 30% the most prolific spinal
manipulators - MD-obstetricians - are pushing violently (with Cytotec and/or
oxytocin) and pulling gruesomely (hands, vacuums, forceps)...

ALL spinal manipulation is gruesome with the birth canal closed up to 30%.

Most babies "only" have their spines wrenched...

I think babies should have maximal pelvic outlet area - don't you Paul?

It's a major chiropractic/ergonomic emergency.

MDs admit ON VIDEO that they routinely close birth canals. (They purport to
tell each other how to allow birth canals to open maximally when shoulders
get stuck - which means they know they are CLOSING birth canals most of the
time. The kicker is that their method of allowing the birth canal to open
actually keeps it closed!)

See ACOG birth crime video evidence

Paul, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.



Dr. Gastaldo

LONG PS (as usual

Paul, humans also aren't responding very well to the task of being forced to
sit in chairs all day long either. Western humans are robbing their
children of a fundamental human rest posture - flat-footed squatting - and
this bizarre cultural practice is spreading to squatting cultures.

Most humans on the planet can flat-footed squat for hours.

Most Westerners, however, by the time they reach adulthood, have difficulty
assuming the posture. Most who can still assume it - cannot do so for
long - at least not comfortably.

While most elderly humans on the planet can rise from a full squat into old
age, our elderly can barely rise from a chair - and when things get bad
Medicare reimburses our elderly for chairs that rise!

It is truly an ergonomic/chiropractic tragedy that Western culture robs its
children of a way to take a rest on their feet.

In 1987, Newsweek reported that children can only sit still for 15 minutes
at a time in their chairs:

"Educators say that many five-year olds really can't handle a highly
academic program. They're still learning how to sit still for more than
15 minutes at a time." [Kantrowitz B, Wingert P. The big grind in
kindergarten. Newsweek (Aug10)1987. From Gastaldo's peer review of the
AHCPR-sponsored Low Back Guideline draft.]

Amid chiropractic silence, Western children are losing bony "squatting"
as they are robbed of an innate way to rest on their feet for hours in
any terrain...

In 2001, Eve-Line Boule, chercheur associé at CÉPAM wrote:

"[S]quatting was a regular behavior used until the end of the Middle Ages,
and after this period a progressive decrease occurs..."
[Am J Phys Anthropol 2001 May;115(1):50-6]

I replied:

The Great Squat Robbery that started in the Middle Ages starts anew in
elementary schools every year!

Paul, we are not only robbing our children of a fundamental human rest
posture, we are causing them to suffer chronic imminent gluteal tissue

According to the late Arthur Guyton, MD:

"Even such simple activities as sitting for a long time...can cause tissue
destruction...Cessation of blood
flow to the skin...usually...cause[s] pain...[within]...20 to 30 minutes"
(p. 594)...when the skin becomes painful as a result of the ischemia, the
person shifts weight unconsciously" (p. 592). [Guyton AC. Textbook of
Medical Physiology. 7th ed. Phil: W.B. Saunders 1986]


Moshe Feldenkrais was interested in lost movement patterns...but so far I
have been unable to find a single reference from him regarding what I call
The Great Squat Robbery...

See Feldenkrais lesson: Effortless Squatting

See also: Feldenkrais Method to help babies at birth?

I am interested in Feldenkrais because squatting is an "excluded and
unconsidered" movement pattern and...

According to the FELDENKRAIS GUILD of North America:

"The Feldenkrais Method DIRECTLY ADDRESSES...recovering excluded and
movement patterns or actions."
http://www.feldenkrais.com/standards/index.html (emphasis added)

So far the Feldenkrais folks do not seem interested in PREVENTING the
exclusion of "excluded and unconsidered" movement patterns!

I had thought Feldenkrais folks would be first in line to help prevent The
Great Birth Robbery and The Great Birth Robbery...

I'm hoping Feldenkrais's disciple Anat Baniel sees this post...

She and her colleagues work with children who have suffered birth trauma -
some of them paralyzed...

See Feldenkrais vs. Surgery (also: ugh, Erb's prevention again)


"Anat Baniel, who knew Dr. Feldenkrais since childhood, began her long
professional relationship with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in 1973 as his
apprentice. From 1977 to 1981 she taught in Dr. Feldenkrais' Institute in
Tel-Aviv and became a trainer for him in 1981. Since that time she has
become a world-renowned practitioner, teacher and lecturer in her own
right...[Her] new Method...combines the teachings of Dr. Feldenkrais with
her own vast experience...As founder of The ANAT BANIEL METHOD, Ms. Baniel
has touched people of all ages, conditions and occupations-from newborns to
the elderly..."


According to Anat's website:

"Anyone who suffers from joint pain knows how expensive, time consuming, and
difficult it is to get better. The endless doctor, therapist, chiropractor
and other appointments can continually stress your resources. Although they
are helping your recovery, it would be great to feel that you had more
control over your progress...That's what this program offers..."

LOL! Anat's audiotapes and sessions must be free! Oh wait - I get it - you
buy it only once - then you don't have to go to doctors, therapists and
chiropractors so much... I LIKE this concept - SOME in the chiro profession
are finally catching on. I think this is *sort* of Dr. Hooper's new
ergonomist thing - he thinks he may be an "ergopractor" - LOL!

Anat says,

"Scientific Theory...The ANAT BANIEL METHOD is based on the fact that some
repetitive movement patterns, like the way you sit or stand, can

Is there a "right" way to sit for hours on a chair?

I'm *hoping* Anat's "anti-aging" audiotape discusses the insanity of forcing
humans to sit in chairs for prolonged periods. I'm hoping Anat encourages
people who have lost their comfortable prolonged squatting ability to at
least do standing "half-squats" - one foot on a table - alternating sides.
Then again MAYBE the Feldenkrais gardening instructor knows how to nearly
instantly teach flat-footed squatting to people who have lost their
squatting ability. (See Feldenkrais Lesson: Effortless Squatting, URL above.
I'm still looking for a quote from Moshe Feldenkrais himself saying that we
should stop The Great Squat Robbery - or words to that effect - I know he
must have said something like it - the guy was brilliant IMO.)

I'm ALSO hoping Anat (one of Moshe's star pupils) will help mobilize
Feldenkrais and Baniel practitioners everywhere to help newborns and the
elderly by helping to stop The Great Birth Robbery and the related Great
Squat Robbery...

Anat's colleague Joseph Feinstein recently posted to chiro-list.

Joseph ), I will try to reach Anat by cc'ing her
at - but just in case I've got her email address
wrong - will you forward this to Anat?

One last note for newly-minted ergonomist Dr. Paul Hooper...

Flat-footed squatting can double for girls - if it is not robbed - as a
fundamental DELIVERY posture - one that allows the birth canal to OPEN the
"extra" up to 30%.

As indicated above, The Great Squat Robbery has been related to The Great
Birth Robbery...

MDs have blamed The Great Squat Robbery for their Great Birth Robbery!

See Gardosi et al.'s 1989 Lancet "randomised controlled trial of
squatting" - where nobody squatted...

See also: Sarah Key's huge balls (also: Kids can SQUAT motionless for

Thanks for reading everyone.



Dr. Gastaldo

As indicated above, this Open Letter to Paul Hooper, DC, MPH will be
archived for global access at:

Within 24 hours it will be in the Google groups archive. Search
http://groups.google.com for "Anat Baniel and WOMAN'S WORK (labor &
delivery): Gastaldo asks for help making birth easier..."


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