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New stuff...

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Old January 19th 06, 07:24 PM posted to alt.support.single-parents
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Default New stuff...

Hello all, once again...
Things have just been really busy lately over here. I think I've finally
recovered from Christmas (aside from our fire-hazard Christmas tree still
here in the basement that hasn't had lights on or water since a couple days
after Christmas) but things have still been fairly hectic...
Everything has actually been going really good. Well, good for the last
couple weeks or so, and I'm hoping that won't change. B is still doing real
good in kindergarden, and A is, well, fairly boring. lol B's 5th birthday
is in less than 2 weeks, and A will be 6 months on the 4th of Feb already!
Time sure flies, it seems...
Norm and I have been doing surprisingly well. We had a big blowup a couple
weeks ago, but he sat down with the boss' wife and just talked. She then
asked me if I would like to come over that evening when he was there (he
went there right after work with the boss) and after he talked to Sarah
(boss' wife) and then I talked to her and we talked to eachother, we've
definitely now have come to an understanding. Things have totally turned
around and even though we had a little argument last night, no one went to
sleep with hard feelings or woke up with them either. He's come home every
day after work, and hasn't been going to the bar (nor has the boss, since
they were having the same issues we were and he's now at home after work as
well) and I've been doing less bitching, complaining and nagging. So yea,
things have definitely turned around, and the both of us are definitely
seeing more eye-to-eye. This is good for us, as well as both the kids.
Next Saturday, Norm and my dad are taking Brandon to the monster trucks.
This is a guy thing, so I think it would be good for the boys to all get
away for the day. My mom, her 2 sisters and my grandma are in Cuba.
They'll be back early in the morning on Bran's birthday, so we were planning
on having everyone over on that Tuesday. I'll attempt to make supper and
then we'll have some cake and coffee or something like that. The following
weekend, I'm told, my mom is thinking of having her friend over to her house
(the one who has a son a little bit older than B) and the boys can play and
do whatever since they seem to be the best of friends.
There's been talk over here about us all moving in 2007. Sarah and Eamon
(the boss + wife) are planning a move to BC next year and their taking
their business with them and are wanting us all to go with them. Norm's
been offered a percentage, rather than a wage. They have also offered to
pay our moving expenses and helping us get on our feet out there. Norm
brought it up recently - just ran it by me, but I had told him I would love
to (I would love to move to BC, and always have) and we came to the
agreement that we'll talk in a year. When it's closer to this said move and
all that. Right now I would not move. I do need the security of where I
live, as well as the security of my family and friends here. In a year,
however, we'll talk and see where we're at.
Just today, about half an hour ago, a lady my mom knows who's son went to
school with my youngest brother, was over. A long while back I had a
Discovery Toys party and it just so happened that this lady was the
consultant from my area. Long ago after the party, she had tried to get me
to join to be a member of DT, and I had shown interest, but I wasn't able to
mainly due to lack of extra money and time/childcare/vehicle when I was just
trying to get by as a single parent. I emailed her yesterday and asked
about joining and all that, now that I have a little more extra
money/time/childcare/vehicle and all that, and she came by. I ran it by
Norm yesterday, and he was totally for it and very supportive. He knows I
need to get out and getting out and being with other people and adults AND
making a bit of an income was something I really want and need. This will
allow me to kind of run my own business, be my own boss, work my own
schedule and still be able to be at home with the kids and make supper and
do daily work (dishes, cleaning, laundry, etc.) so this is awesome. She
came by, ran through everything with me, and I am still interested. It's
also something I can do that will benefit me, as well as the whole family -
kids included. I'm just going to run it by Norm once again to make sure
he's alright with it, even though he'll have to be! and then get going.
It's only a small cost to get started, which is the main reason I want to
double check with Norm first. He's definitely agreeing to it as of right
now, and I had told him it's a small cost to get started and going, but
after that, it's not a huge expense and it's fun for me.
This is the plan until I'm ready for a real career, and this can be put on a
side burner if need be. So, yes, things are going good. I feel or see no
big explosions in the future, since we've both come to an understanding.
Sarah told us both to ask ourselves, "Are my actions or words bringing us
together or further apart?" before we say or do anything. These, for me and
us, are very wise and helpful words and thoughts. Never thought of it that
way, nor have I ever heard it before, but it does come in handy to stop and
think for a moment!
Anyways, B's bus will be here like now, laundry has been rotated, I totally
cleaned up the entire kitchen this morning and the living room rug just
needs to be vacuumed - again. Oh yea, we have a new member in our family...
A big, fat grey chinchilla named Daxter. We took him into our home almost a
week ago, and he's just great. Norm's taken a liking to him real quick -
just like he did with our Yami. It only took us about a year and a half to
consider a new chin, and when this guy came along, we just couldn't resist!
So yes, hello all, and I'm still alive and kicking!

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